PWA: Better, Stronger, Faster


We rebuilt him.




Am I first?




I thought you were retired?


not quite ace, sorry.


I come back for people I like.
Like cruzer.


How were the classes? and Utah?
And…how did the golf vacation end up?



you too ace.



LOL, at first I typed “hoppy”
I imagine that woulda been a bunny or a frog or something, lol.




The page that is first!


Don’t take it personally. These days I guess I am becoming curmudgeonly like obob (sorry, obob!) and I have little patience for nonsense postings or postings that are judgmental.This is supposed to be fun, and when it ceases to be, there is no reason to be here.
Cruzer and I have been friends for two years, we have shared some good and bad times, and we have met in person.
(Again this fall,I hope).
That’s why I always show up if I see one of his posts.
Sorry if I came off rude, not my intent.


As the energizer bunny said, it keeps on going and going.


Hey you…
What happened to your date tonight?
Or is it a LATE date?

Wow, do I have things to tell you!!


Glad you made it home. :slight_smile:


Changed my mind, did something else.


Poor guy.


Just to expand on the previous subject:
KT and I have been friends for almost 2 years, I still remember our first exchange of posts, which had do do with one of her contest entries. We have weathered a lot of stuff together, both here and in that dreaded “real life”.
She is another one I will always come out of retirement for.


It does come off as rude. From the way I read your “retirement post” you were getting tired of the many of the new people. I think most of the new people are quite nice and have added a nice diminsion. With people moving on to different things (to be expected over time), it’s nice to have new personalities.

Being a relatively noob myself, it’s hard not to take it personal. Maybe I misread it.

However, I’m not letting it bother me. I figure it’s more your loss if you choose not to participate in some of the fun here.