PWA: More Talk About Nothing.


Enjoy another round on me.


First post.

And about damn time, Cruzer.

Nice place here.


First p@ge!!


More talk about nothing . . . I can do that!


Yea! New Home for another 100 pages.

Woooo, that wore me out. Nap time.


Note to self: Visit D’name, eat Italian pastries.


Afternoon folks!


Hey everybody! Got to catch up. Good to see that BoII got to dont house. Been in a mess here. FIL has been in the hospital, pneumonia and has been moved to a nursing home for rehab. Kind of doubt he’ll ever be home. He’s 92 and was living alone. My Mom has fallen three times in the last week and is taking her meds twice even with help so I have her a bed at a family care home starting tomorrow. I haven’t told her. Her Alzheimer’s is really bad also.


You have all my sympathy. I know exactly what you’re going through. If you have to clear out a house, let me know, I’ll give you some tips.


Sorry Joyner. I know things have been tough for quite a while now.


I woke up made at hubby this morning. I dreamed he bought two residential rentals. It was the parent’s houses. Not even his fault. They both have life estates so we have to keep them for a while to make sure they won’t return home. I really dread telling my Mom. I expect her to get mad at me but she won’t remember what she is mad about for
very long.


Thanks Daj.


My ex used to wake up mad at me all the time because of something he would dream. I usually had something to do with the dogs. “How could you let Ethel drive that speed boat and her with no opposable thumbs! And Fred trying to ski … he could barely hold on with his teeth.”


I see Fred as more of a knee board kind of bestest dog.


O M G !!! I just talked to my mom. My mom who’s a heavy smoker and isn’t allowed to smoke in assisted living? That Mom. Well, she discovered there’s a place behind the next building where she can wheel herself to and sit and look at the lake and smoke. As far as I’m concerned, no problem. It’s not good for her health, but she’s been smoking for 70 years and I think it’s expecting a lot to have her give them up at the same time she had to give up her home and most of her possessions. And it’s good exercise to wheel herself to the place to smoke and will get her out of her apartment.

HOWEVER, my sister refuses to buy her cigarettes. And I can understand that, too. So Mom told me tonight that there’s a store about 1/4 or 1/8 of a mile away. She thinks she can wheel herself there. It’s a pretty busy two lane road in front of the place. “But,” she says, “there’s a line and like a bike path.” O M G!!!


Goodness. I think I would buy her some cigarettes and just limit them. She’s determined, you gotta give her that.


That is one serious addiction she has! I would crawl 1/4 mile for coffee first thing in the morning so I can’t say too much about that. She is going to get some hard upper body work if she has to wheel herself!


I can’t remember what side of the road the store is on and I can’t remember if there’s a grade there. Dear Lord. If she got up it, I’m not sure she could control the wheelchair going down. Must talk to sister. Might need to get her one of those orange flags like kids have on Big Wheels. “slaps hand”


As long as I don’t have to cook…fine with me!!!


Don’t forget the horn or bell. She’ll need that too.