Pyle 12-inch 600 Watts Slim Subwoofer Box

Pyle 12-inch 600 Watts Slim Subwoofer Box

Can someone clarify, as the description is FAR from clear in places.
Does this, or does this NOT have its own amplifier?
It states it does in a few spots, but there is no image of wiring connection, other than the speaker connection.

Hi there. These are being pulled from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of information. Here it is on Amazon:

Looks like there’s a manual linked on the Pyle USA page. Maybe that will help?

With everything I’ve read it seems like it would be powered. But I’m %99 sure it’s not.

This is a passive subwoofer enclosure. Meaning it requires an external amplifier. I just received mine this past Friday, so that’s how I know, but I also knew this when I purchased it. It is still a steal at this price. The box is well built, and if the woofer fails from being over-powered by the 600 watts it’s claimed to withstand, just toss a Kicker C-Series sub in it and rock on. Personally, I wouldn’t throw more than 150 watts RMS at it, which should still produce decent bass.

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