Pyle 2000Watt Multi Channel Bluetooth Preamplifier Receiver

Pyle 2000Watt Multi Channel Bluetooth Preamplifier Receiver

I could be wrong but, I doubt this a 2000 watt amp. 200 watt, perhaps?

2,000 is correct. Here it is on Pyle’s website.


This looks like a pretty significant preamp. Could really blow some eardrums out with this thing, but you’d need the right speakers for it.

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The pyle P2001BT is a very dynamic and powerful hybrid preamplifier. I am very satisfied with the bluetooth connectivity features and power ratings for the speaker ports. The sound is good and I have not had any issues with it. The charging ports on my unit work but are not very fast. A lot of reviews complained about the remote not working but mine works fine except for the volume control on the bluetooth mode.

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Does anyone know if the maximum watts of 2000 or 200w @ 8ohm are per channel or total? I am wondering if I need to hook my speakers up to both A and B outputs or if I can daisy chain them.


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Here’s the manual that includes some tech specs.

Thanks for the link. I looked at the manual and it states 200 watts @ 8 ohms. It does not say whether that measurement is in total or per channel. It seems high to be per a channel.

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That’s all the info we have, unfortunately. Sorry.

Considering that standard US AC receptables cap out at 1875W, this is obviously not real output, it’s probably a brief peak transient, whereas the actual RMS output is more like the 200-850 or whatever is listed there.

If this were RMS we’d be burning down our houses while bursting our eardrums.

Thanks for looking into this. I received my unit yesterday. Too bad I don’t have one of those dyno load testers the cool YouTubers have otherwise I would report the numbers myself.

I submitted a contact request with Pyle to see what they recommend for my wiring question.

Have a wonderful day

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:joy: I was also skeptical. Specs show 2000-watt MAX output. 600 watts into 2-ohm loads. 200 watts into 8-ohm loads. I believe most home speakers are 8 ohms. LOL @ “Burning down the house”

Or this… :laughing:

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