Pyle Marine Grade Bluetooth Speakers

bought one of these earlier in the year. Works pretty well. Decent sound and the pairing goes quickly with my iPhone. Only one complaint: the control for volume is also the control for track advance or back. I’ll get half way thru an hour long podcast, go to adjust the volume and end up skipping to the next program. I certainly curse the thing every time it happens, but overall, this is a pretty good product.

Read the Instruction Manual found on the main page.

It will scare you to death. So many safety rules that you’d think this thing will explode. Can’t have it near a pool, in the sun, etc! What good is it if you can’t, safely, use it?

Really good sound, and very quick and easy to pair. BUT, the bluetooth range is REALLY bad! Can’t move more than 10 ft. away from it w/o losing bluetooth connection. Thought I had a faulty unit and considered returning, but checked out some online reviews first. Seems EVERYONE has this problem, “That just the way it is.” I have similar “low-end” bluetooth speakers that I bought for $10 that WAY out-perform this one in terms of connectivity.

Use mine in the shower. No problem.

I recently got one of these as well from Woot. I had a Bose docking station in my bathroom and started using this instead because of the convenience (don’t like having to decase my phone and use the lightning adapter every time). I’ve had zero issues with it so far. Battery life is pretty fantastic, range isn’t great, sound is good with good bass response but highs are clipped some (less crisp high ends). Overall I say it’s worth the asking price

is IPX4 some sort of joke? Such a device should be IPX7.

I have one of these that I bought from Woot a while back and I’m really impressed. It has decent volume with good lows, and the ability to take it to the beach, kickball, pool, or in the shower is awesome. Skipping to the next song when trying to turn up the volume is a pain but you get used to it.

Overall definitely worth the money.

This thing was garbage! 3-5 foot range, one side of the speaker didn’t work! I emailed WOOT, they said to contact PYLE and I did, they wanted to charge me 30 bucks and have me pay for shipping to replace it! I went back and with WOOT customer service and finally got them to refund my money. They said it was outside the time I had to email them, but I bought it in November for my little brothers Christmas present, then emailed them on December 27th about the problems, and they were so busy with christmas customer service they didnt get back to me for 30 days. Don’t buy one!!!

I’m assuming when you say that one side of the speaker didn’t work, that you don’t realize that this is a monaural unidirectional speaker, so sound is going to emanate from only one direction on the speaker, in other words one side will be louder, and sound different.

Overall, it is a decent little speaker for the money. It gets pretty loud, sounds good, and is relatively rugged. The rang is probably about 10-12 feet, which is not aawesome, but is not really a problem for me, either.

The one complaint I would make is that they really misrepresent the green speaker. It is YELLOW with green trim. It looks like a John Deere.

Bought three of these in a previous offering, for myself and two others.
We use it for showering, for cookouts, even in the car when my speakers blew out there. It puts out a surprising amount of sound for it’s size. It has great battery life. The power button requires 5-7 seconds of being held to turn on/off when it’s off the charger; this has made everyone who’s used it think that it’s not charged enough, just needs held for a long time.

Bought one. It arrived very fast for a Woot.

Range sucks. To make matters worse, I live 1 mile south of a WGN broadcast antenna, 1/2 mile north of a WBBM antenna and 20 miles west of O’Hare airport. Soooo much interference.

It sounds nice. For everyone thinking that “one side of the speaker doesn’t work” realize that there’s passive bass speakers. If you don’t know what those are just nod your head and pretend you knew.

If I touch my phone, the speaker skips. If I change an app, I get skips. An iPhone, whether 4S or 5S just doesn’t multitask well with bluetooth sometimes.

However, understand that the limited antenna range gives you a LOT of battery life. Hours of battery life.

Look, you’re not going to impress any audiophile with this speaker so don’t think it’s Bose quality (or whatever hipster brand you’re into). But if you just want tunes in your backyard or beach, this is a good option.