QOMOTOP Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Pad

QOMOTOP Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Pad

The reviews for this item are not for this item. They’re for sets of luggage:


I’ve done a lot of research on sleeping pads and bought a couple of cheap ones and very expensive ones to try out. Based on what I can see from the specs, I wouldn’t have high expectations on this one.

This isn’t to say, this is a bad product, but what I look for in a good sleeping pad is the warmth rating (insulation), weight, design of the baffles and the size. With that in mind, I’m not too sure about this one (for my needs… i.e. good sleep while backpacking).

From the description, it makes it sound like you’ll need to depend upon a good sleeping bag that provides warmth top and bottom (no R rating). A good 3-4 season pad, will reflect heat back to you, so you stay nice and toasty from underneath. This is a deal breaker for me since you could only use this during warmer months unless you supplement it with mylar tarp or something.

The weight and packing size pretty good. I am not too sure about the baffles design, I suppose all the little bubbles are small enough that would prevent your hips or arms from falling into any particular grove on the pad. I prefer the type that goes accross the back, side to side. Size wise, it’s 23 inches wide which is wide enough for me where my arms won’t fall off the pad. However, since I’m a side sleeper, I’m not too confident the height would be enough for my hips not to bottom out. Based on the price point, I’d be worried they would.

I almost bought this a while ago in my search but I choose not to primarily because I couldn’t find any other reviews on it and I don’t want to collect more gear than I need. But, this could be a good pad for a quick summer camping trip, where warmth doesn’t matter and you’re a back sleeper. For the price point, it’s not a risky investment and there’s a chance it might be not half bad.


Thank you. I’ll let the team know.