Rachio Gen 3 Sprinkler System

Rachio Gen 3 Sprinkler System

Anyone know if this can be controlled using the base unit only (no app)?

Also does this have a mobile friendly website to modify the schedule? I’m thinking long term, sometimes apps stop getting updated, don’t work with newer phones, etc…. A website never gets old.


I have used one of their controllers for several years. Works great. You need to use their app to configure the controller. The app is pretty easy to use.


I’ve two Rachios (previous house and this one). I love them. I installed the previous one myself and it was really easy. So easy, even this [used to be] blonde gal could do it.

The current was installed when my irrigation system was installed. The guy wanted me to use another brand but I NOPED. He figured it out with no problem including adding the rain sensor required by our city.

And yeah, you gotta use their app to program and use it. I have it on my iPad.

You can manually activate the zones from the unit directly, but I don’t know of a way to program it except via the app.

They update the app regularly. New features are also added occasionally and in October they’ll be releasing an updated firmware that will add more features to the devices. It is a good, responsive company. Their customer service is outstanding, as well, and they also host a community forum where questions/answers are discussed among company employees and customers.

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I have one. PIcked one up from Amazon Warehouse for a lot less. Great find. Great product. I am not sure how intelligent it is – by region, weather, grass type, bushes vs shrubs etc it adjusts. But I think you need to tinker with it – doesn’t water as much as it should.

Is this version Siri compatible?

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These bad boys are the ROKUS of yard sprinkler controllers. I have GEN 1 and other than being able to press a button to run a zone on the front of the box, it’s been great. I’d upgrade but selling the house soon and the new house doesn’t have a yard sprinkler system (yet).

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Found this article on the Rachio site:

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Is there a subscription required for any specific features? I’ve got a Rain Machine, which I’ve been really happy with, but they recently introduced a few to access the device away from the house.

Used to be (I think) required for their “Weather Intelligence Plus”, but that was done away with.

You get it free now. Instead it using a blanket weather forecast to adjust watering, they use the Wunderground local stations to get you local weather. Out here in the boonies in the middle of Southern Delaware, I still have 6 local stations within about 5 miles of me.

I’m really happy with my Gen 2. Operating from the app is especially great when you’re opening/closing the system and you need to run zones while you watch them (instead of running in and out to the controller). You can also grant access to your system to your landscape/yard people. They need a Rachio account too, but then they can operate your system too if needed.

You can also use their web site once you have the unit installed and online to configure it. I used it to set up all my zones since it was easier to use a PC that type everything on my phone. Plus, zone pictures were on my PC. Really handy.

And as others have said, they are really on the ball - responsive and helpful support.

I have a Gen 2. I’m very happy with it. Requires app but very easy to use/program/modify, does a nice job skipping runs with local rain, etc.