No breakfast cereals or leprechauns here…

Interesting. It may be meant as a play on Rambo, but I can’t help but see a political message here.

Get this shirt now! Chances are, its sequels won’t be half as good as the original.

I like the concept and all, but dangit, had to be rainbow colorful style. I’m 50/50 on clicking that button!

Apparently Stallone doesn’t go for the whole “Roy G Biv” thing, because that rainbow is DEFINITELY missing some colors.

They drew Roy G. Biv, not me!

Too bad it’s not a double rainbow with twice the fire power.

I see the color violet was sacrificed for a machine gun and a grenade. A good trade, seeing as the gun probably has unlimited ammunition.

Prediction for the next nature+Stallone crossover shirt: Rock-y.

What’s the cheat code for unlimited ammo? I can’t seem to find it.

The anti-rainbow lobbyists have gotten to you, haven’t they?!

Cool shirt but I wonder how many people would think it was for a militant gay rights group…


I’m detecting a pattern here, woot.

If you print a shirt with a RAM stick wielding a gatling gun, I’ll know you’ve got a Stallone fanclub at the woot offices.

If you look closely at the end of the rain-bo, you can see it. And that ‘it’ is Richard Crenna, come to tell the local government how useless they all are. And how they need to eat more donuts and/or doughnuts.

It’s always been my secret childhood dream to watch a rainbow impale a man with an arrow shot from a compound bow.

Poor blue… it’s stuck with index finger and thumb duty. Maybe that’s why it’s so sad.

hmm I see he took off his top red layer and used it to tie around his… head-ish area

btw does he disappear if it’s not raining?

Did Obama change it to “Don’t ask, or I’ll shoot you”?