Random Shirt

Awesome… get three!!!

The golden rule: Always buy three.

One day too late.

Random chaos.

Who knows what this is? Maybe it’s not even a shirt. Maybe it’s a snake.

Yeah, that’s right. One of you is getting a venomous snake instead of a shirt. Who’s it gonna be? We’re not telling. Is it a DEADLY snake? We’re not tellin’. We’ll leave it to the victim to post the results in the forums. So enjoy pressin’ that order button, suckers. You might just be signing your own deathwish."

No way, really? I’d totally buy some if that was true! In fact, I’d make a ton of extra accounts and fake addresses for them to ship to just to get that awesome snake!

Can I just get the snake instead?

Why? It’s free shipping now… buy as many or as few as you feel like.

Last time was my first randoms, with great success. Always buy 3, and use the trade thread for the ones you don’t want!

In for 3, even though on the last one i got 3 shirts that were so bad I gave them away as secret santa gifts, and I shit you not one was re gifted to me.

I want the snake too, please.


Christmas Randoms!!! YEah!

woot censored my post the 2nd gift is not actually the word gift.

Had decent luck last time, saddly with Xmas just ending didn’t want to spend the money on 3. If it is really horrible I could always turn it inside out and use it for a work shirt though!

I always buy 3 but now that woot is collecting sales tax in CA and for the past few times the shirts i’ve receive are shirts I’ve never seen on woot I’m less inclined to purchase them.

But hey it’s the new year almost and the world didn’t end, so what the hell right.

I give out bottles of wine with my Christmas Card attached, as well as a grab bag gift. I have been adding woot! random tees to that bag for the past few years, and people love them.

Yay! I’ve only caught one random before, WAY back when, and snagged 3. Had to grab three again :slight_smile: Haven’t been buying shirts AS much lately, so I’m hoping for some good ones :slight_smile:

For $6.66 each, why not? Maximize your chances of getting a shirt you will love, and save the others for gifting/Goodwill/etc. I usually end up just donating my extras, but I’ve gotten quite a few keepers at this point.

Buying 3 greatly increases your chances of getting a shirt you really like, and likely decreases your chance of getting something deadly instead. Woot wouldn’t want to get rid of the big spenders.

Trip down memory lane… when the Random Shirt Shirt was first introduced…

Here is the blog.

Here is a thread.

and… HERE is the Permalink. Too bad they are not selling it during this Random Shirt day…



Then you need to watch your language! :tongue: