Razer Mamba Wired / Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

If you need more than 14hrs of battery life for continuous gaming, get a job or go get a tan.

If you’re too lazy to get a job or a tan, buy 2.

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Refurb mice always scare me…

anybody know if the product can be sent to canada?

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So, why would I want to have it wired instead of wireless, other than the mouse gets lonely without some quality cable time.

Sorry, only shirt can ship outside the contiguous states.

Got one of these as a recent woot (8-19-10), along with the Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard. It is really comfortable, with a shape that I find fits my hand very well, and I love the “soft-touch” coating on both the mouse and keyboard.

I have used it in both wired and wireless modes and it feels about the same to me either way. No sign that the product was a refurb to me, other than the fact that it didn’t come in the original packaging. Highly recommended so far.

Do it, then do I again harder…

This is the best mouse I have ever used and I am actually using it right now. I’ve bought I think 5 refurb Razer mice from Woot in my time here and I have always been impressed with the quality never had a single problem. I just keep replacing them because Woot keeps putting better ones up for decent prices and my friends are always trying to steal my mice, so I give the older ones to them.

Don’t worry about this mouse, it is made of pure awesome. If you demand quality from your mice for gaming or anything else, this is definitely the way to go.

There is usually some lag when using a wireless mouse. For gamers, this can be the difference between winning and losing. Using the wire eliminates this lag. Also, it’s handy if you forgot to charge up.

Wireless mice are usually heavier because of the batteries.

Also some hardcore gamers prefer wired since you’re 100% sure it won’t lag or crap out at the most important moment. Not that that ever happens though. :wink:

Killer reviews…and nice mouse. Got to really love a mouse to lay down the money these people want. That 1ms delay, although small in theory, is huge in the side of a fragged head shot.

I guess this review is about as close to this model as you can get?

Reviews : http://www.amazon.com/Razer-Mamba-Wireless-Gaming-Laser/product-reviews/B001WAKR3W/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

Also in the Sellout.Woot listing, it says under Specs…

“Works with Mac”

That’s nice to know, because none of the games you will need it for are made for Mac. Unless you are taking Speed Solitaire to the limits. Do they make any games worthy of a mouse so fine on a Mac?

They also scare refurb elephants.

Nearly half a dozen of my friends have bought refurbed razers off woot, and only one ever had any problems. That was quickly taken care of by razer, who shipped my friend a brand new mouse to replace the flaky refurb. Awesome customer service.

L4D & L4D2, as well as TF2 and HL2…

I’ve never had a single problem with lag like some people who have may not have used this mouse are hinting at.

It has always been very quick and responsive, and battery life will easily get me through a full day of hard gaming.

The only reason I have needed to go wired is simply because I forgot to put it back on the charger when I was done and I happened to be in the middle of a game. As long as you put it on the charger when you are done, you’ll be golden and you won’t ever need to go wired if you don’t want to.

Picked up one of these from Woot during the last wootoff. It was definitely used, and not refurbed. The right mouse button was not functioning. Sent it off to Razer (that’s $10 more spent on this mouse) and a week later I’m struggling with a mouse that wouldn’t keep it’s wireless connection. I returned it and cut my losses. $20 in return shipping for nothing.

Overall, I’m not satisfied with Razer’s quality control on their refurbs. Beware!

I too purchased one from the last WootOff to replace my aging MX Revolution. I rarely do any gaming but I do a lot of design work.

I didn’t really have any issues with it being reflubbered; I had to look hard to find any slight scratches on the charging base. The mouse was the same - only the slightest wear to the teflon pads. The charge cable appeared brand new.

I am completely in love the feel, weight, look, etc etc. The options and number of buttons is also perfect for me.

Now the downsides…

About once or twice an hour, the mouse cursor just simply stops for about 3 seconds. I have yet to try to troubleshoot this one so it is possible it is an issue with my computer and the driver. (Other mice do not experience this issue on the same machine.) However, it is possible that it is a hardware problem with the mouse and/or receiver. I simply am not sure yet.

The battery life is something I’ll have to get used to. My MX Revolution (even after many years of use) would survive a few days of typical work. This thing is a little more needy about having to go back on the charger in a timely manner. It can’t survive a full day of heavy (again, non-gaming) use. But that is not really contradictory to the given specs.

The thing that almost had me send it back though was the squeaking. Yes, my mouse squeaks. Every time I scroll the mouse wheel quickly, I cringe a little. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. It doesn’t happen if I scroll slowly… but if you’re sitting near me, you can usually tell when I’m searching through a long document now.