Razer Protone m250 White Street-Style Clip Earphones

I want te crap and i want it now



Could these be uglier?

I love the write up: “They’re small and white, just like the sort of people who buy Morrissey albums, and there’s no headband to get in the way of leaning back and closing your eyes.”


Stop putting up stuff I already bought from you ;_;

Dragons let passers-by know you’re awesome.


Not good deal. Got from Woot a month ago for 5.99 apiece, bought 3 and got a 4th one for free by mistake in the mail!

Woot seems a little buggy today.

but this was sold for like 4 bucks before…

I bought a couple of these. Pretty comfortable and I’m heavily pierced.

somewhat cool

stop with the dollar store items

Bought these for my husband, and liked them so much I took them. :slight_smile:

Do not want

great earphones. i got a pair last woot and they are superb. they are comfortable and the sound quality is good as well. they don’t fall of the ear so easily and it’s stylish to boot

Oh Morrissey, why are you so morose?

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