Razor 20" Boy's 360 BMX Bike

**Item: **Razor 20" Boy’s 360 BMX Bike
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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neighborhood bike, not a racing bike.

Similar on Amazon and it appears to be $10 cheaper

Available for same price several places on web. No deal here.

Beware, Bag of Woot link to Amazon is to a different, more expensive model. The model being offered by Woot today doesn’t appear in an Amazon search, suggesting an outdated version.

Manufacturer gets consistently bad marks, see other Razor models @Amazon.

Please don’t buy this bike. I wouldn’t pay anything for it. If you need a 20" bike for <$100, post a want to buy ad on craigslist or go to your local bike shop and see what they have. Look for a quality bike.

NOT A LASTING BIKE … I bought this same model for my 8 year old son for his last birthday, and we have had several problems that surface quickly. (1) The brakes wouldn’t stay tight, had to replace bolts that do not stay tight, (2) chain guard brackets bend easily, getting caught on the riders leg (3) handlebars repeatedly came loose (4) rear sprocket gear stripped out from inside (death of bike at that point). Long story short, we had to replace it even though it still looks new, it no longer rides because of the rear sprocket. Save your money.


I recently sold an “old” BMX bike of mine for $60. It was a GT Pro Series with aluminum frame made in the USA (late 90s, after that probably made in Taiwan or China). Needed minor TLC like some new grips, but even after 15 years everything WORKED. It was super light weight, and people actually raced them. Even new, they were around $350 for the basic models, which will outlast $100 “department store bikes” at least ten times over.

Just make sure to get something name brand like Mongoose, Haro, GT, Diamondback, thats all I can remember from my riding days back in the 80’s. There are some new street and freestyle brands out now I’ve never heard of but look sound. At the very least you can find mongoose basics at the Walmart/ToysRUs etc. for around a $100-150. Razor makes me think of slitting my wrists as far as bikes go.


You get what you pay for. Its like when I go to the movies(ahem Pacific Rim) and have low low expectations. I cant be disappointed. As long as this bike works out of the box and lasts about a year you got what you paid for.

all the brands you mentioned are all the same now. they are all made in china and most are all made by the parent company of the same company. diamondback does not make their own bikes anymore neither does mongoose. really doesnt matter the brand anymore its how its built and set up.