RCA Universal Remote with Touchscreen LCD


can this do the TIVO/DVR on my satellite?


Anyone know is this works as good as the Sony ones?


Looks cool, anyone have it?


hymmmm 30 on froogle. i’ll pass


By RCA, a well established brand. I’d trust it!

I’ve also heard good things about their programmable touchscreen remotes, but I’ve never seen one that’s actually… remote-shaped before.


Not a bad remote, but it doesn’t have the internet programing capabilities like the logitech…then again, it’s 1/10th the price. GOOD WOOT, too bad I have no $$$
Nite all


used to be 60 at radio shack. Good price i guess.


RCA Universal Remote with Touchscreen LCD
$19.99+ $5 shipping

1 RCA Universal Remote w/ Touchscreen LCD - RCU900



Froogle link


will it control my tivo?


Can this thing do all the functions a remote for satellite TV can do? Guide, page up, page down, etc.?)


It looks like a pretty sweet deal. Anybody have any idea on how this remote stacks up?


Rating of 5.4 out of 10 on Cnet review. Here’s the link… http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/RCA_RCU900/4505-7900_16-30630369.html

I agree with Chursh; This would make a great B.O.C. item (wink, wink). :slight_smile:

*I typed B–O--C, but apparently B–O--C now stands for “baby on crack”, lol, not beverage-of-choice/bag-of-crap


i wonder if this can handle my Dish Network features with DVR. Anyone know?


i am very tempted in getting this…

i wonder if it will work with my devon reciever as an aux device…

any every try this remote out?


ehh Im not impressed 31.00 through Buy.com

Buy.com link


check this review. it says it can do tivo


going for half (10 bucks) on ebay


Froogle list at around $32 so not a bad deal…

hmmm Does this work with PS2 ? hehe