Rebel for Life

Eyes peeled for a Bootful of Chocolates!

I remember when woot comment sections were so full it was a community. What has happened

Agree, but my motivation is starting to ebb. Maybe one more item, two max.

It’s like screaming for the t-shirt cannon guy’s attention at a big game. I fight to get one, then realize when I get home I got all worked up for a poorly made shirt that advertises a terrible radio station.

When big A took over, things changed so much that the spirit just sort of left Woot. No cat pix, no pole vaulter pix, no clever or funny pix much at all any more, much less clever banter. I miss it too.

Same.I used to think the community was great, but now? It’s almost non existent.

Let’s see, 12 tabs of products and each tab has a boat-load of other crap for sale that has nothing to do with what made Woot great.

The latest daily emails are an impossible mess of core products and other junk that’s for sale.

Wish I had been involved back then. I keep thinking I wish BoCs were more of a community treasure hunt than a Black Friday Mob.

I enjoyed the BoC I got last month because it was hidden by a Wootsquatch and it took another two minutes to sell out. Still something of a mob mentality there, but I would love to see how creative they can get with burying them.

BTW, can we just make up whatever BoC name we want in comments, or are people using names that Woot has used before (bunch of carolers, etc)? I’ve just been making up my own for fun.

Oh, I see…
When you put but “B” - “o” - “C” together in a comment, Woot fills it in for you.