Redirect links are going to the wrong place.

Half the time I click a product to open it in a new tab, it just lands at the main section again.
Example: right click a tv mount, open in new tab, the new tab opens to electronics.woot instead of just the product.

It’s super irritating.

Which browser are you using? I’m not experiencing that in FF. Are you still seeing it?

I am having the redirect all the time in chrome.

I never saw that you’d answered me, weird. Anyway - I use chrome and it happens every time I click through to a product. Then I have to back up and click again and it lands at the right place. It’s clunky as hell and makes the usability awful.

I’ve cleared cache/cookies/etc. and it’s still a thing.

If I see this:

It’s going to just land back at the main page for whatever woot site I was on. Then I have to find the thing I wanted to look at again, click again - and most of the time it will go then.

I will say that I guess it’s not “every” time - as I had a couple of links work tonight. But it is a ridiculous amount of the time.

Super weird. I’ll pass along to the devs though. Maybe they know something I don’t. Tell those little hoomans troubleshooting with 2mo. intervals is difficult. :wink:

I tried. She cares not for the woes of mom.

This is still a thing for me. It’s kept me from ordering at least 6 times in the past 2 months. I still try to browse around, but most of the time when I get redirected to the main page, I just give up.

This is happening to several people. See related post:

Still happens to me constantly - very annoying. Company computer so if it’s due to malware their monitoring stuff isn’t finding it.

I tried disabling all my extensions and that didn’t fix it.

EDIT: ha - I see you were the originator of that post too.

I’m having the same issue in Chrome. It’ll redirect to a few different sites and land on the woot home page. Just glad it’s not a virus.