Remington i-LIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

OK reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at

Here’s some reviews (3.5/5) at

Looks pretty cool actually. From what i’m reading, its best on light skin with dark hair. You have to do several treatments over a few weeks though it seems.

I’m interested in this, but need to know how well it works on someone with light brown skin (think light brown indian). Does anyone have any advice on this?

Some additional info and reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) can be found over at the product page

Check the skin tone chart on page 11 of the manual

Light sounds pretty harmless but this thing HURTS LIKE xxxxx!!! (fill in expletive) The description claims that it feels like a rubber band snapping. But to me, it felt more like a balloon popping against the skin, even on the lowest setting. After a few zaps, I gave up. I’ve since bought some lidocaine cream used for tatooing and minor surgical procedures but have yet to try it out. Basically, you spread on a thick layer of the stuff about 15-30 mins before any procedure and your skin should be numb. You can buy the cream in bulk on eBay and Amazon.

perfect! exactly what I needed! (i’m going to print it off and sneek a comparison tomorrow)

Oh Wooty one, i enjoyed the pic story of love, but note that in instructions the product has NOT been cleared for use on the FACE, head, ears, back or neck. So remove your 'stache at your own risk…

[MOD: Correct. A note has been added to the features. ]

Remington is pretty conservative so they don’t market this as permanent hair removal. However, this is the same exact technology used by Silkn Flash & Go, which claims permanent hair removal. I think that there is at least one other unit using pulsed light that also claims permanent depilation. In other words, when done right, the results can be permanent.

FYI, this is not laser hair removal, like that used by Tria. Instead, it uses a VERY high intensity flash of normal light, similar to a camera flash. When contained, this light is absorbed by your hair, carrying the energy to the root where it is destroyed by the heat. The major advantage of pulsed lighting versus laser is that the treatment area is much larger. Just compare the area lit by a laser vs that by a conventional flashlight. The disadvantage is that the lighting cartridge needs to be replaced regularly to maintain its intensity.

The write up is great.

Depends on how light the skin is. Dark colors absorb heat so dark skin “steals” heat away from the hair, diverting it from reaching the follicles. Dark skin is also at risk for burns. The machine comes with a sensor which you use on your skin before the unit is “unlocked.” If your skin is too dark, the machine refuses to flash.

Unlike other similar models, i.e. Silkn Flash&Go, Remington recommends against using this on the face. One danger is that the intense light can damage your eyes. However, if you cover your eyes and avoid delicate areas, I see no reason why you can’t use it facially. In fact, Amazon has posts from men who have used it on their faces successfully.

Ok, so I creeped on the girlfriend (don’t tell her!!!) and made a small comparison between 2 facebook pics and the Remington color chart… she appears to be within the range… but i’d like your opinion since you seem to know a bit more about this stuff than I!


If your hair is too light or greying, you can still use this. Simply use a carbon dye to darken your hair temporarily. It should then absorb and transmit heat like black hair. You can find this dye on eBay and Amazon. Being [100%?] carbon, it’s non-toxic and easily cleaned.

Opinions would be more accurate if you show pics of the area to be treated :wink:

Of note, skin color is not uniform throughout the body so it’s wise to use the sensor when unsure. For example, scars and moles tend to be darker, as is the aureola surrounding the nipples. So be careful when using this on the chest. And yes, guys, the scrotum (balls) tend to be darker so I definitely don’t recommend using this “down there.”

Sexxxxy! :slight_smile: You’re one lucky guy/girl…
It’s really hard to say because lighting changes how the skin looks in a photograph. However, the top photo is a definite Yes while the bottom photo is a probable Yes. Have fun!

If the sensor won’t let her use it, you can always sell it on eBay. Don’t know about now but used units were selling well last year.

LOL creepy… btw, it looks like for only 30 bucks more you can have a brand new one straight from the maker? (only 12 more if you use a coupon which… cough… is… searchable… I would think… Whats weirder is that they also sell the refurbished (6000r) but its 199? lol wut?

Kolme, from your pictures, The flash might make her skin look lighter, plus her neck might be lighter toned than say, her legs (it works that way with some people). However, IMO she should be able to use this device.