Remote Control RGB Outdoor Laser Projector

I do not recommend buying this Laser projector from Woot. Purchased this item for 2017 Christmas and the red laser stopped working after about a month. I tried contacting Woot twice in January using their customer service E-mail and Woot did not even reply. Bad vibes. IEeeeee!

Hey there, I spoke with our CS team and they have not found an email from you in their system. Make sure to use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Hi manlapig,
Thanks 4 ur reply, I tried CS again and it started off showing me to choose the order (which had NOT happened in all those tries I did in January). Yaaaa!
Finally satisfaction. CS said it was probably a technical glitch in the cosmos. They issued a refund, said ya’ll didn’t have a replacement.
Thanks for ur help