Return policy for woot

Do I understand correctly? If you return an item to woot, when you are a prime member with amazon, You have to pay return shipping?
Also woot does not give refunds, only replacement of defective item?
I read that everything is check to work before leaving woot. I ordered and received a echo dot that will not connect to internet, so there is no setting this up to use. I can find nothing on how to return it for a replacement. If someone can answer my questions I would certainly appreciate it.

Hey there! I don’t work for Woot but I have enough experience with them to know they’ll take good care of you.

Here’s Woot’s return policy:

You can contact their Customer Service two ways…

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

Was this the 2nd gen Echo Plus international version? As I may have received your very same return as so far one I bought was not able to connect as well. Very strange yet I had same issue tried everything and since it was warrantied through Amazon. Woot denied return until I was forced to jump through hoops with Amazon and now woot has honored such return. Very frustrating on woots ownership of such device capability issues. I’ve had this same issue arise from a Amazon Cube before that was dead out of the box and just wouldn’t link to wifi. I just hope Woot will eventually man up and take responsibility prior to needing Amazons approval for such return/replacement service issues.