Reusable Face Shields (10-Pack)

Reusable Face Shields (10-Pack)

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Does the blue label remove from face shield or is it permanent?

It is permanent.

Check Amazon price before ordering.

Is it higher there?

Bought a 5-pack from Ammazon from Petocase for $18 , almost a month later they’re still at large , they stated that the stuff would be shipped from US , apparently not . Got my refund , what a waste of time .

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Ours are in stock and ready to ship.


I bought these last month. The face shields are shipped un-assembled. The label does seems permanent, but they are shipped in the box separately and are applied by the user. It will work fine without the label.

Edit: I just realized that the Approved Rep said otherwise. Perhaps, mine were from a different manufacturer.


I like the fact that if no one knows you are wearing a face mask, there is a nice big label on the front saying “Face Shield” to let people know.


Nothing that a piece of painter’s tape can’t take care of…


No, thank god for that label! I accidentally put my cup on my face thinking it was a mask (it wasn’t labeled ‘crotch cup’) and let me tell you… that visit to the children’s museum was awkward. I mean even if I had a child with me it probably still would have been awkward. I’m in for three. Never going to accidentally put that thing on my face again. It did smell funky, but I figured that was the new plastic smell…


What are the dimension of the plastic face piece? I am trying to figure out have far below my chin the bottom of the face mask will be. Thanks.

Hello. Per the vendor:

The face shields are 12”W x 9”L at the longest part (the chin).

“Use only as a face shiled” had me backing away slowly.


Made in China. Why? I’m gonna pass

Nice catch.

Received mine. Petty good quality. They do not flip up as the photo might suggest. Not unhappy with the purchase.

I’m not sure which photo suggests it flips up, but if it’s the one with the blue arrows, I think that’s just to show how much of your face it will shield…

I first bought the 10-pack of Reusable Face Shields. I received my package promptly, tried them out and distributed them. Then I came back to purchase a 20-pack for our office. I also told my sister that I gave this deal two thumbs up. She got on Woot and purchased some too, saying that she would wear it in addition to her mask if she had to fly. I carry one gently folded in a gallon zipper bag. It’s lightweight and not too bulky to bring along in the event you feel the need for extra protection (for example, I wore mine in an elevator). Our office landlord saw me with mine and said that she would be purchasing them for her company too.


We only received 8! Got the 10 pads, but only 8 shields. Count them when you get them.