Reusable Face Shields (10-Pack)

Reusable Face Shields (10-Pack)

If you read the first photo, it says “remove this protective coating before use”.

So, if you remove the protective coating, does it still say “FACE SHIELD” across the front in big letters, or is all of the lettering removed?

I was looking for a shirt labelled “T-SHIRT” in big letters to wear with it, but if I can’t find it, …

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I believe the wording remains.

We have this shirt. Will that work?


can confirm, the “Face Shield” and rest of the lettering still stays. there are 2 protective coatings (one over the front and one over the back) to remove, but it will still keep the lettering.

Hi Woot,
The description stated foam padding but none of the pics show the padding. Does these face shields come with foam padding?


The foam padding is between forehead and shield. Please see the below pictures.



If I left the protective coating on the front of the face shield AND on the back of the face shield; wouldn’t that provide MORE protection??!!

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How long does each shield last? Can you clean them or ??

Well, in case anyone is wondering why you have a clear Dearth Vader-ish thing wrapped around your noggin, they will certainly see that it’s just a FACE SHEILD. They haven’t stumbled into Comic Con.

I’m confused. On the front it says “Face Shield” but on the side, it says “Face Shiled”

So which is it? A Face Shield or a Face Shiled???

Thanks for the pics and the clarification.