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Bliss - NRB16533 Swarovski Elements 18K White Gold Band Ring

I’m so confused … The title says “18K White Gold”, the picture shows “925” which usually notes a silver designation, and under Features, it says, “Brass”.

I’m also confused as to why it appears to have the same picture as the “Bliss - NR353729R-Z18KT White Gold 4.25 TCW Emerlad-Cut Eternity Ring” (which appears to have a typo in the title) yet different prices?

I’m checking in on both the above points- apologies, you guys.

SO… WHAT are the correct specs?

Be careful, tried to cancel a ring order 40 minutes after the purchase and they shipped/charged me anyway. Sent two requests for cancelation with absolutly no response.

Any Info yet?

Thank you!

Ok, I got my ring today. There is no marking anywhere on this ring. So if its 18k it should have a mark. If its sterling it should have a 925. Plus, the one side of the ring has nick marks in it.
Hello? Woot? What is going on here?
I think it is illegal to sell jewelry that claims to be gold/silver but really isn’t?
My ring also does not have rectangular crystals, they are round, and there is no raised, round edging…its smooth. Pictures upon request. Grrrrrr!

I’m so sorry to hear- I’m checking back in with our accessories team. Can you please post photos here? And make sure to check in with CS too if you haven’t already, you can contact them using the support tab towards the top of the page.

Hi there,
Yes I have written CS, am posting photos from all angles and both sides, but I don’t know if they will be viewable…my coding is rusty. I will email them to you as well. There are nick marks at 11, 12 and 1:00 as well.
Thank you for checking into this.






Well darnit I tried…but I can’t see the pics…help?

No worries! I can grab the links, I think google doesn’t play too well with BBC code. Thanks so much, I’ll send these along.

Thanks a bunch!

I received my ring on Friday. It does not say 24 KT. It says N .925 CH?
I bought it because it was 18 K. Which I would have not bought it if it was silver. I cannot figure out what the N .925 and the Ch mean.
Have you receiveced an update on these yet? Also why are the being sold as 18K if they are silver. I did’nt even receive paper work, receipt or anything othe than the ring in it’s bag? I’m very disappointed… I feel like I’ve been misled…


I’m sorry for problem. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.