Rio Forge 256MB MP3 Player


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, November 25, 2005


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A few posts of note…this sleepy holiday:
[]straight8loves RIO. He and TotalFark are content owners.
]eumaledictio says this can take a beating…and a 1 gig expansion card. []tscottme confirms the other 1 gig sd claims…as does rsfish1.
]RubinCompServ links to mixed reviews on Dealtime.
[]srlagarto touches on the advantages of flash memory vs those devices with huge, hard drives.
]WilfBrim links to an article of interest on RIOand psmurf comments.


Yeah kinda cool


i got like 5 of these, green ones with 1 gig expandable, and those t ech vest that were XXL are for FAT PEOPLE not weight lifters


oh ya coollllllllllllllllllllll


this is truly amazing. im in


a 256 mb for $40 ? RIP

AND I THOUGHT that today was a black friday special :frowning:


Nice, but doesn’t my phone do this?


Good woot


nice price but still not needed


WOOT…i love rio mp3 players


Wow… 256 MB Player for $40…


trust me, stay away from Rio…


This is gonna fly out… great woot


i need one of these!.. asap too


eh gatta get up early in the mornin for shopping

thanks anyways woot


no woot off? :O(


Doesn’t everyone have an MP3 player by now?


sweet MP3 player


not a bad deal. Already have a few Rios and love them. My brother wants an mp3 player so maybe this is what he’s getting.

Cheapest I find is $47 with $9 shipping and half the warranty. So not a huge black friday deal but still $11 (20%) off the lowest price. And to everyone thats about to say that its cheaper in some black friday flier - have fun standing out in the cold at 5am this morning, fighting a long line, messing with a rebate and attempting to grab one of the 5 pieces the store has available.