Rip Van Wafel Dutch Caramel & Vanilla (36)

Rip Van Wafel Dutch Caramel & Vanilla 36-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $36.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $54.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 36% off List Price

These are Stroopwafels!

They’re delicious… and now that I know they’re ‘healthy’ … I’m gonna eat a box!

One of these days Woot! is going to sell Chef Boyardee Ravioli in a can and call it gourmet for 3x the going rate

It’ll still sell out because Woot!

$27 for 40

I buy ones like these at Aldi’s. usually in the fall to winter.

You can buy these much cheaper at Marshalls (like half the cost). I Have yet to see a deal on “Gourmet” Woot. They just quote over-inflated “list” prices that no one ever pays sold at a premium to what you would pay.

It makes sense too… The main Woot works and is able to get the deals they get because items are generally refurbished and/or older models that companies are trying to move out of inventory to make room for new models. So companies are willing to sell for a deep discount. Also, there’s no nationwide brick and mortar stores set up to take advantage of old/refurbished electronics and sell at a discount to consumers. Thats where Woot buyers come in offer some low cost to move the inventory.

Compare that now to whats sold on gourmet woot… There’s no refurbished food. There’s no newer model of Beef Jerkey coming out that will render the old beef Jerkey useless. And, there is already national discount outlets set up around the country that have relationships to sell food brands when there are packaging/manufacturing defects (e.g., Ocean State, Marshalls etc…). So there’s no deals for woot and no deals for us!

It was a good thought, but every offering on here seems to disappoint. Figure out a way to bring back Wine Woot.

Oh nice! These are the ones I get complimentary on American Airlines flights.

Yet another complete rip off on a deal site - call it gourmet (when it’s not) and sell it for prices higher than you can find elsewhere. What a deal, woot. You’re batting about 99% on Gourmet for deal fails.

Sure, these are good (great for cycling fuel), but, here you go, get some bigger ones for a lower price right on Woot’s own other site (and they well know it). Cue WineDavid telling us how tasty these are - and I’m sure they are, but they’re no deal at all:

There is refurbished food, it’s called compost or manure, depending on how it was refurbished.

Yep, effing tasty!

No Deal.
You can get these cheaper (per waffle) on Amazon right now with the 15% Off coupon they have.

48 Count for $46.92

that is the relevant comparison. it’s a good deal. and these are addicting.

I hate to pile on here with cost comparisons, but Target sells 8 Packs for $3.99. I think I’ve seen 24 packs (seasonally) at Costco for $9.99 too.

They are REALLY good though. I don’t think I could make it all the way through the cold months without having at least one with coffee at some point.

The wafels at Target are a bit larger, but a different brand. Sometimes the brand matters and sometimes not so much.

The only thing this deal did for me was the following:

  1. Add more items to my Amazon wish list
  2. Add random items to my to do/try list
  3. Lead me to likely visit Target for the non-gourmet version
  4. Made me reconsider my healthy lifestyle
  5. Remind me Wine.Woot is gone and that’s why I wasted $28.99 on here

(I’ve never considered anything else on here a waste. I guess when it’s food I take it personally.