Road Runner Premium Ice Melter, 50-Pound

Road Runner Premium Ice Melter, 50-Pound

I just can’t do this to my delivery guy.


But then again, it is giving him a clear pathway for future deliveries. Or he could fall WHILE delivering it for a bit of irony…


Who spends $30 on 50 lbs of calcium chloride?

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Hey, is this pet friendly? Can’t find info.

What do you pay for it?

50 lbs in a bag should be just under $20 at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, if they’re not out of stock. So $30 delivered to your door in a bucket isn’t bad, esp if you don’t have a car or out of stock where you live. Poor UPS guy though…

Not really. The magnesium chloride is typically considered pet friendly but not the calcium chloride. That being said, don’t over spread it and it won’t really be a problem for the pet. However you can typically get a 40 lbs bag of it from your big box for $20.

I can buy 50lb bags at Home Depot for 16.99 or if I go to Sams I can get 50 lbs for 8.98… This isn’t just a little overpriced here this is gouging.

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I used my snowblower to cut him/her a path from the street to my front sidewalk. Got a note saying “thank you” from my delivery person. :slight_smile: I look at it this way. It’s a win/win. I have a wide path I won’t have to mow for a while. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, but think how much gas, wear and tear and possibility of bringing back something nasty and it evens out IMO. Up side, I don’t have to get dressed to hit the ENTER key :wink:

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I usually buy 40lb bags of it, typically 3 or 4 bags at a time. Can’t remember exactly what I pay offhand, though $20/bag sounds about right.

One place I worked would put one of these buckets next to each door. If we walked in the door and the parking lot or sidewalk was icy, we were expected to use it.

Raises hand. Those of us older, mobility impaired, or simply avoiding shopping due to covid concerns. While I can lift a 50lb bucket long enough to move it a couple of feet, there is no way I could carry it from my car to my door without doing serious injury to my knee.


Also, there is an advantage that this is in a bucket instead of a bag. Sure you can go buy a bucket, but this looks to have a nice watertight lid that keeps the melter from solidifying between seasons. A bag is cheaper, but is also unwieldy, especially if it’s already difficult to lift 50lbs.


Just ordered a 50 lb bag of the same stuff from my local Ace Hardware for $15. Granted, no bucket and I have to get in my car. But these days, any reason to get out of my house is a good one.

you guys just have too much $$ and no where to spend it…

Clearly you don’t have cats. :slight_smile:

Home Depot is the regular variety, not the premium type. On Amazon the 50lb bag of premium is $42.84

What’s the difference? Both say a blend of calcium chloride and magnesium and both melt down to 15 degrees. Seems pretty similar… except for the price of course.

Upon closer inspection… the bucket actually says “regular.”

So perhaps the word “premium” does not denote any true difference and is simply being used for marketing.

Raises hand, too: On top of mobility/lifting issues, you have those of us who live in a small town who do not have a Home Depot or such near by, so you have to add in the time and gas to drive the 20+ miles each way. I am all about having the nice bucket dropped off on my doorstep, ready to go.

I am willing to pay for convenience and to save my back

I would like to note that my front porch is literally a sidewalk from the street, so there is no long distance for my UPS driver to go and I do thank them and my mail woman on a regular basis (bc I order most things)