Robosapien Remote Control Robot

Uh, oh…screwed up again… :roll:

Nope, just a laptop that is already sold out! :lol:

Woah, is anyone getting “HP P4 2.4GHz Widescreen Notebook” on the front page?

[size=24:80603a5d82]YE Man it the ROBOSAPIEN![/size:80603a5d82]

Nope, just a laptop that is already sold out! :lol:

yeah now its a diff laptop…anyone else confused? they say sold out but i dont think they even sold any

Woot PRice - 63.25 + 5.00 shipping

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that…” Well, Robosapien is no HAL 9000, but he’s friendlier and safer to play with (and even more fun to take apart and tinker with.) This is THE gift to give any kiddo or science fiction buff on your shopping list this year. Unless their name is Dave, and they’re in to space walking outside some pod doors.

Robosapien is a fully programmable robot you control via an ergonomically designed remote control. He can perform an amazing 67 pre-programmed functions, among them disco dancing, rapping and Kung Fu, and carry them out in any combination you choose. He can pick up small objects with his ribbed pronged grippers and fetch and carry them for you. He’ll dance, high-five you, and perform karate kicks! He can even wash dishes, take out the trash and walk your dog. (ok, we’re lying on that last bit)

Robosapien is fully articulated and his fluid biomechanical movements make him seem almost human. He walks at two different speeds, and can even handle 180-degree turns! When you see him automatically walk round obstacles, you’ll think he’s come to life. You don’t need a PC to program him, or any complex set-up at all–he’s ready to roll straight from the box, with all functions controlled by the remote. He can even speak French, Italian and German. (ok… so he only grunts; it sounded like a foreign tongue to us)

Real Features include: Multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running, turning

Full function arms with two types of grippers

67 pre-programmed functions

Speaks fluent international ‘caveman’

Programmable reflexes to touch, pickup, kicks, or sound

Up to 84 program steps, with four modes for advanced operations

No computer required

All functions handled by ergonomic remote control

Advanced Battery Management prolongs use.

Three demonstration modes (Disco dance, Rude behavior, Kung Fu)

Height: 14 inches

Condition: New, Retail Boxed

Requires four (4) D and two (2) AAA batteries (not included)

on the today’s woot page, another effin notebook. so i go to community, it’s a robosapien. but HOW MUCH? so i try to get to community to say what the eff and how much is the damn robosapien, and then i realize i will NEVER get a bag of crap because i am on the dial up and flipping around to all of this took 15 effin minutes. eff!!

I also got “HP Athlon 64 2Ghz Notebook” then finally the Robosapien. Looks like laptops from the last woot off.



I bought one anyway. My 7 year old LOVED it when we saw one of these at Best Buy… ok, I’ll admit that I loved it too!

Three cheers for dads who use their children as an excuse to buy toys!!!

[size=24:4974961ef7]HIP HIP HURRRRRRRRRRAYYYYY!!![/size:4974961ef7]
[size=24:4974961ef7]HIP HIP HURRRRRRRRRRAYYYYY!!![/size:4974961ef7]
[size=24:4974961ef7]HIP HIP HURRRRRRRRRRAYYYYY!!![/size:4974961ef7]


now, in the same week, woot had the 5.1 speakers and the robosapiens, two items that are constantly being asked for. maybe now people will stop with their incessant whining and just let the woot come as it may?

more likely, pewople will be bitching that they’re not 50 dollars, but rather 63.25. lousy ingrates… :evil:

wootoff or no wootoff? I saw purple lights, got excited, now they are gone…but I got my robosapien

Damnit…getting my hopes up for a woot-off since it’s Friday…

Your stupid server didn’t let me get a bag of crap (even though I tried from the start of the sale…entered my credit card info god knows how many times (I think it was around 16) only to have it error out on me)…

…now you get my hopes off for the woot-off (which I’ve been waiting patiently for…)

C’mon Woot. Woot-off. It’s about time for one.

[/pointless bitching that has been covered by many other people before]

[quote user=“ikes”]now everyone can shut up about the robosapien


My thoughts exactly!!!

I got your Robo right here

Okay Kids, what do you say to the nice woot people? :smiley:

This should zip a few lips

Peeps wishes have been answered

Woot employees really care!

My son loves his current Robosapien. This one is for my nephew. Thanks Woot!

Their servers just can’t handle the traffic, and there was an obvious glitch in the page…I’m at my college’s library on a super fast connection, and it still took that long for me… And I’m in Texas for pete’s sake…