RocketSocket Extraction Socket Set

RocketSocket Extraction Socket Set

Great item with ZERO customer service.

As opposed to a crappy item with great customer service. Just so we are clear. :flushed:

See pictures. How’s she going to use this “Must Have Tool” on that leaky PVC pipe under her sink???

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Just bang on it really hard!

Do we have a count on how many times they can offer the same crap before they realize no one wants it?

Just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean other don’t.



These actually work pretty good.
Turn them slowly at first so it grips.

“Rocket” socket raises expectations. Sounds dangerous in an ER visit kind of way.

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Best rounded nut and stud remover? Let’s find out! Snap-on, Irwin, Gearwrench, Rocketsocket & more

Sold on the Amrtisan based on the review, since I don’t actually need a bolt extractor right now so it’s just a “nice to have”. If I find myself in a position to do more, might grab rocket sockets. But today is not that day.