Rockford Fosgate RAVDVD1 DVD Player w/ Free 5.6" LCD


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Sweet. Hope everyone is off to see The grand ole Star Wars today. My tickets are for 1:00pm. Woot!!!


WOOTABULOUS!!! ™ :wink: I think that people missed out on a good printer deal, since this did not sell out. The value of all the items was well over $100. I am sure we will see this again then.

Tonight’s woot will definitely sell out. This is a sweet one!! Nice Rockford System!! … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.

WOW!! Wanted to share this amazing deal. Definitely a price mistake at amazon. Silk quilt (Queen) should be $299, is only $29. They still have the King listed at $365!

SHEESH!! You guys are quick… these quilts sold out already!! The deal is now dead :frowning: Congrats to those who got in quick!

(GC if this part of the post is not cool, just remove it. But I wanted to share this one before amazon changes it.)

Rockford Fosgate RAV DVD1 Player w/Free 5.6" LCD
Tonight We’re Gonna Rockford Tonight
$259.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Rockford Fosgate put their near-mutant-level expertise into designing this unit. Yes, it plays regular old CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. It even plays MP3-encoded discs - you can pack the collected works of Mike and the Mechanics, Johnny Hates Jazz, and Richard Marx onto one thin slice of shiny plastic, and feel their power in full Rockford fidelity. But most importantly, the masterminds at Rockford loaded this with DVD playback and a mighty assortment of features like Dolby Digital and DTS decoding for 5.1 playback - yes, in your car!

What else do you get? How about a motorized removable theftproof faceplate, selectable Low-Pass & High-Pass Filters, a slew of audio and video inputs and outputs including 4 sets of 5 volt preamplifier outputs, even a dedicated 20 watt center channel amplifier. Like most high end source units, the RAVDVD1 is designed to be used with external amplification. But if you’re planning a system that requires a DVD player and LCD screens, you most likely have a shopping list with lots of high wattage amps anyway. The 5 volt pre-amp outputs make the RAV DVD1 an easy match for for some stock stereo installations utilizing the factory amplifiers (like Ford’s Mach 60 system)

In addition to the RAV DVD1, Woot is throwing in a bonus 5.6” stand alone 12 volt LCD screen to give you something to test the unit with. Or if you get in a tinkerin’ mood, you can take it apart and install it in your headrest. We’ve posted an image of the guts of the screen unit in the forum for those of you interested in potential mounting possibilities.

Condition: New, retail
90 day Woot warranty
Compatible with CD-R & CD-RW
Dolby Digital & DTS audio 5.1 output
Set for Region 1 DVDs only
Infared remote control with joystick included
MP3 playback with advanced file management system
Motorized black chrome faceplate opens for disc access
Theftproof removeable faceplate
Station and disc titling
Parental controls can be set to prevent XXX DVDs from playing
On-screed Dolby Digital set up menu
4 sets of 5 volt preamplifier outputs
20 watt center channel output (line level outputs for other channels)
Aux audio and video inputs
Selectable Low-Pass & High-Pass Filters (selectable 50, 75, 100 Hz, or off)
Copper plated chassis for electrical interferance rejection
Cell phone mute
12 FM / 6 AM Presets
Rotary Encoder Knob
Punch button (4-level bass/treble boost)
Dual line 32 character multicolor LCD display
Has both a video input (to attach a Playstation for example) as well as a video output for the monitor
In the RAV DVD1 Box:
RAV DVD1 Source Unit
installation & Operation Manual
Standard Mounting Sleeve
Back strap (taped to box insert)
Chassis Release Keys (2)
Hardware Package
16-pin Power Harness
Faceplate Cases (1 Soft and 1 Hard)
IR Remote Control

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Here’s what the Audiovox 5.6" LCD looks like when it’s carefully disassembled:

And here’s a link to pdf format Rockford RAV DVD1 manual


Nice Woot

Do I need??? Hummm…


I’ve never understood the desire to watch DVDs in your car. Then again, I have no kids. For those of you that felt the need to reproduce, this is probably a great deal.


Geeez what to do, what to do…


great w00t…i’min forone


Yeah! But…

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not a good woot today :frowning:


Looks cool… Don’t need it, but it looks cool…


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server seems to be acting up a bit tonight, nice item though.

froogle = $368



well, at least you can get 12 dollars off



Way Cool!!! I am gettin one!!! Page 1 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


hey kimmer, you should buy this


i don’t have a clue how you all post stuff so fast on page 1!!! the new woot just showed up for me and there are like 15 posts ahead of me!!! wth?