Roku 2 (2013) Streaming Media Player

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Roku 2 (2013) Streaming Media Player
Price: $51.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Apr 24 to Friday, Apr 25) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4/16/2014 - $51.99 - 72 comment(s)

Looks like the counter is broken or the monkeys are playing tricks on people to keep them on their toes.

with all the fuck up’s - it’s almost fun again!

Humm…just sent back the one I received DOA Saturday! Woot said they could NOT replace out of stock and now we have it in a Woot OFF! There goes someones honesty.

Yes, it’s like old times again.

Maybe it is yours they are selling.

They take the sale in this month to make it look good on the books and worry about issuing a credit when it is returned next month.

Quick! Does plugging headphones into the remote cut off the main speaker(s)?

yes, using the headphones cuts off the audio out to the TV.

Now if they would just feature a crystal punch bowl to float this turd in.

Either that, or none of them are shipped from Woot. I find this possibility most likely.

Absolutely love it!

Another example of Amazon (They own WOOT) taking advantage of peoples ignorance. HEY PEEPS… spend an extra $45 and get yourself a nice AppleTV. Or, you could get a pretty cool AmazonFireTV but then Amazon will get you again because to make it worthwhile you have to have Amazon Prime ($79, soon to be $99 a year.) Remember, WOOT does NOT offer refunds on broke pieces of crap when they sell out, so you’ll be hosed if it breaks. Loved the old WOOT, not so happy since Amazon took over!

Check the tracking info. If it was out of Carrollton, TX, then it is from Woot. If anywhere else, the vendor drop shipped it. They are doing that for a lot of the plus sales.

I can’t speak to the quality of the refurbs, or to how Woot deals with issues with them, but the Roku devices are fantastic. The Roku 2 here is as fast as an Apple TV and has more channel choices. It’s a lot slower than the Kindle Fire TV, but it has more channel choices. In the end, unless you need iTunes content or Google Play content, the Roku will give you all the streaming options any of the other streamers will give - plus more.

I’ve got them all - ATV, Chromecast, Rokus of various versions, Fire TV. My go-to is almost always a Roku, and the headphone jack is quite useful if there’s ever a time you want to watch TV around someone who doesn’t want to have to listen to it.

bah. I own both an AppleTV2 and Roku3… the Roku3 is hands-down the thing that “just works”.

Even in an all-Apple household, the multiple AppleTV devices we have can’t reliably access media from other Apple devices on our home network.

Not to mention that AppleTV, like every other Apple device, is locked down with regard to channels.

There are plenty of channels available for the Roku. Many are junk, but even after weeding those out there are many, many more quality channels out there than the ones Apple allows to be listed.

headphone jack in the remote… THAT is terrific.

As for the FireTV, another locked down solution for those who need to have their “brand names” match.

Known issues folks have pairing remote during setup. Use fresh batteries and hit the button inside battery cover for 5 seconds to pair if you haven’t tried already and the unit itself wasn’t truly DOA. Maybe this will help.

If you will never need a wired connection and love Plex, this is the unit for you. I personally like the rock steady performance of wired Roku 3, but others may not need that. Love them. Got the Amazon Fire TV recently as well and the thing is purring like a champ. I like the voice seach, but wish it was in Plex too :frowning:

The streaming stick is available on the Roku website for $49.99 and free shipping… It seems silly to pay a buck or two more for this AND $5 to ship.

@Sracer, have to disagree on the Amazon Fire TV. Not closed. Android based and has the all too critical Plex! Only big shortfall is HBOGO in that ecosystem.