Roku SD Streaming Media Player

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Roku SD Streaming Media Player
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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SD? time for lunch

ok, back to the kindle sleeve. Why would you need several of them. Are you kindle pillows not reusable? Do you hawk them in first class? I just took a trip first class earlier this month and they had pillows on all the legs of the trip

What a relief! I was afraid we were going to get through the whole Woot-Off without a Roku.

Finally!!! Been waiting for the roku… could the woot gods let me know if you’ll have any roku with Ethernet ports?

If not I’ll get this… if so… I’d rather wait for that.

Dunno, I might be missing something but it seems to be so limited on what can be subscribed to on this thing. Checked the website and not much there.

Who buys SD?

It has one ethernet port

Hope you never need to return this thing. Mine has been at the ROKU distributing for a month and a half. With the promise that “We are forwarding your case to our Escalation Team so they can verify the status of your replacement unit.”
The third time we have been told this. DON’T BUY!

What is SD?

“Add it to your home network. Whether your home is wireless or wired, the helpful on-screen instructions make it a cinch.”

So wait, this thing can access a wireless network? Please let it be so and it is bought. I am not lucky enough to have ethernet ports in my house.

Why buy this when you can get the bottom end Roku NEW for $50?

I suspect he needs them to build a protective wall between him and his first class neighbors who had to wipe with their bare hands because he stole all the TP.

can I use this as a “second” roku at my fishing cabin using my same Amazon, Hulu and roku accounts ?

Or am I limited to one roku per those accounts ?

Pretty sure I see an eithernet port in one of the photos.

Several because I send them out to be cleaned between trips.

You must have flown International first - domestic first is nearly totally pillowless and blanketless on most airlines these days.

I know Netflix limits the number of devices you can have associated with a single account, but I think the limit is 5. Not sure about Amazon or Hulu.

A lowball SD model Roku…

Now that S(ucks) D(efinitely).