Roll Out Flower Seed Mats

Roll Out Flower Seed Mats

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DO NOT DO THIS. I ordered five of these from the same company last year and fastidiously followed every direction, including “cover the mat with no more that 1/8” soil", which is practically impossible to accomplish. It requires incredible effort in watering (the top 1/8 inch of soil is all that needs to dry out for this to fail) but I had 2 4-hose timers and several sprinklers from establishing a lawn and could water them for a few minutes every half-hour.

NOTHING. NADA. Well, actually there was one small sprout; which felt even worse after cutting, laying (and endlessly maintaining the small areas where the sprinkling constantly washed them off) that 1/8 inch of soil.

The manufacturer’s warranty may require photos and return of product. Then, IF they decide it’s their QC, they will replace it with more garbage or, at best, offer a credit to their crummy company.

Woot ended up refunding my money; but I was left without a growing season for my front flower beds … and a lot of wasted time and water.

Not going to lie. The image triggered the egg searching fiend in me from a couple years ago. Pretty sure this was one of the images used and the URL was on the white part. :expressionless:

HA, you’re right. It was one of the images we used!!

Absolute waste of money. The amount of seeds in the mats are laughable, and not even close to evenly distributed. I bought two mats, I could have gotten substantially more seed in a packet for less than a quarter of the money. Sure, I would have had to broadcast by hand, but that’s no more work than trimming and rolling out these. The only benefit I can think of is that the paper might hold down weeds already in the soil, but anything that lands on top will still grow. Not happy.

I’m sorry you are unhappy. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.