Rolling Fabric Storage Cart

Are the fabric of the drawers woven like cloth or a non-woven like cheap reusable shopping tote bags? Not to imply that the drawers are cheap or thin.

I’m just trying to understand what they mean by “fabric”.

Each of my kids have two of these in their rooms. One used for sock/underclothes (so they can reach them themselves) and the other for their favorite toys/books. The cubes are universal fabric cubes so later on you can buy fancy colors if you want. Easy to put together (I’m blonde and figured it out) and sturdy enough for 22 Dr. Seuss books in the top cube (I just counted). I am thinking about getting a few for gifts; I already have 8 and don’t need any myself but a great product!


Have to laugh at those who said they’re buying them to put yarn in. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them for sale. I’ve ordered three of them.

Checked with the buyer on the drawers but we didn’t get a sample in for this item. Sorry we don’t have any more info. :frowning:

Knitter & Crocheter here with an out of control stash of yarn… In for 3!

Woot, Woot! I’m in for 3 also - one for my craftsy stuff, one for the food pantry to hold misc. stuff and one in the closet for all my socks and small purses!
This is da bomb! Thanks Woot!

can anyone comment about the weight that each drawer and/or the metal frame can hold?

would this be a satisfactory substitute for a dresser?

Caveat: when Woot! says three to a customer, they enforce it. I ACCIDENTALLY tried to order more than three, led astray by the ‘free shipping until midnight’ reminder, and got the electronic raspberry. I was INNOCENT of any evil intent. I am AGHAST at the idea that Woot! might suspect me of -well, never mind. If they come up on the next (hypothetical) Wootoff, though, I will pounce.

Great Minds think alike!!!

We forgive your accidental shenanigans… this time! :slight_smile:

You know, I was just cruising past this and then I realized what a proper idea this was for someone with an extremely small kitchen (aka me).

As a bonus I could leave the top part off and use a cutting board up there instead. Or put a drip catcher/extra drying rack. Thank you for helping me think outside the box, as it were!

Yeah, I’ll say it:

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Only if you’re a very tiny person who doesn’t wear much:)

In for 3 :smiley: I bought a nice high waste basket for my rolls of wrapping paper but have been trying to figure out what to do with all the rolls of ribbon and all the gift bags I’ve accumulated. Eureka! Thank you, WOOT !

buying for my daughter in college. She can use more organized space.

Starting to wonder if i can MacGyver these things into stacking. If the U-shape on top is a separate piece, and the whole thing press-fits together… hmm! Guess i’ll find out soon enough.

I had a similarly-designed (flimsy) cart sans the boxes. The u-shaped sides are definitely one piece.

Mine (I bought 2) were delivered yesterday.

I just put them together this morning so I thought I’d share some assembly tips/ give some feedback if anyone checks back here.

First, one of my boxes had clearly been opened before (side was buckled like when you try to stuff things back into the box they came, and you can never get it to fit nice and perfect like the manufacturer did, plus the top that was glued shut was no longer stuck together like my other one was, plus it was torn a little bit where the tape was), BUT all the pieces were still there and individually packaged so I didn’t think it was worth griping too long about.

As for the pieces, everything is clearly labelled which is awesome, and the instructions aren’t too hard to follow, they are all pictures though so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s pretty straight forward.

Tools required: An allen wrench (included) and a phillips head screwdriver (if you don’t have one handy, don’t panic, you can still assemble the whole thing without this, my guess is those screws are just to help it being sturdy.

As far as assembling it goes, my biggest gripe is that it’s very very very hard to get everything perfectly square, so that when you put it together, it wobbles (like when one leg of a table is shorter than the others). You put together the top half and then the bottom half, and then connect the two. In doing so it just always wobbles.
My suggestion would be not to tighten everything until you put it all together (if anything keep all the screws very loose until you’re ready). You might also want to have a second pair of hands to hold the whole thing down tightly/firmly while you screw (unfortunately I didn’t have a pair handy… ha.).
I don’t think it’s necessarily a defect in the piece, I just think it’s hard to get it perfect.
I unscrewed it and adjusted it a million times, so it’s really not noticeable that they wobble now, but I’m very nit-picky =).

Anyways, I intend to use these as a make shift sort of dresser until I can actually afford a real dresser. They won’t really fit jeans or anything big, but should be great for socks, undies, t-shirts and things of the like.

OH and someone said the top made a good work surface, I disagree. The top is made from the same fabric wrapped cardboard as the boxes are, and is only attached to the frame via some poorly placed Velcro pieces. I thought it would be like a piece of solid plastic (looks like it in the pictures), but it’s not. But the metal underneath is sturdy enough that you could probably add something harder as a surface if you wanted to!