Rolling Fabric Storage Cart

$41.72 on Ammy for what appears to be the same product and they are out of stock. No reviews but look nice:

I’m going to buy these for loose inventory around the house for my online business. These should be perfect.

This would be perfect for a dorm room. My new room I’m in is pretty small and I could use something like this. If I didn’t just have rolling sidetable donated I probably would have been in for one.

I wish they also included dimensions/shots of the box that it’ll ship in.

found one.

I’ve seen these at retail stores at a much higher price point. This seems like a great storage option.

I have an older, 8-drawer version of these; they are the bomb-diggity for craft supplies. The top makes a good mini-work surface.

In for three, because my sock collection has outgrown my sock drawer, and i may have [cough] gone a little bananas on the yarn lately. :smiley:

It’s actually just 31 bucks.

Check the dimensions of the “drawers” before you order. Don’t complain about 'em being too small after you receive the item.

Anyone know what the drawers are made of? Are they just cardboard or some kind of hard plastic? I’d hate to get something cardboard and have it fall apart in a couple years.

ordered 3, just want I need right now.

and now, thanks to amazon, I am a law abiding tax paying citizen :slight_smile:

$24.99 Canadian dollars, but looks like only ship in Canada, eh? No picture to confirm.

I’m an idiot. I looked at this and was intrigued because i never saw something to put fabric in, and i have a lot of friends who like to sew. Then i saw the write up and picture and i was almost indignant, that someone is restricting what you are supposed to put in this cart to fabric. Are we not above that, as a society??? Weren’t we founded on individual’s freedoms!!!

It didn’t even dawn on me that “fabric” was an explanation of materials rather than a micromanaging directive.

OK, I’ve calmed down. Move along, nothing to see here. Back to shopping, for all of us.

The drawers are heavy fabric. Mine have metal frames, but i can’t speak to the exact construction of this version.

I also too Ordered three , as Ive got a Lot of Crafting supplies too lol (blushes) And these Look Awesome :slight_smile:
Btw Dan you could always stack the rolling end table on top of the rolling cart . And give your dorm a Custom look lol :wink: just a thought is all lol

You’re not the only brainiac - although, in my defense, I “am” in the process of unpacking my sewing room and I “am” severely sleep deprived… I also managed to refrain from posting until after my “Eureka!” moment :wink:

All of my drawers are fabric,if they were metal I couldn’t sit down.

Is it sturdy enough to hold a “LOT” of craft supplies?

in for 2 - one for the bathroom and all the hair machines - and one for all my yarn


Overall Dimensions: L 11.5" x W 16.12" x H 35.5"
Storage Bin Dimensions (each): L 11.5" x W 15" x H 8.5"
Top Shelf Dimensions: L 11.5" x W 15" x H 3"

not the largest bin, but good enough for my intentions.

Great timing, Woot! I just bought a cart yesterday to put our extra printer on, but it’s not as good as this one. You’ll be getting some more of my hard-earned cash.

Excellent! Setting up new craft room,in for TWO- matching quilt supply storage with pull out drawers & they ROLL! Just 14 weeks til christmas, Let the sewing begin!! Fa la la la laaaaa!!
Overall Dimensions: L 11.5" x W 16.12" x H 35.5"
Storage Bin Dimensions (each): L 11.5" x W 15" x H 8.5"
Top Shelf Dimensions: L 11.5" x W 15" x H 3"