Rosetta Stone: Learn New Languages

Rosetta Stone: Learn New Languages


Recent reviews for this are terrible. “Lifetime “ apparently means only as long as Rosetta feels like supporting the version you buy.


I was one of the people who wrote a review for this Bait & Switch product. When I tried to transfer it to a new computer, the company specifically pointed to the small print that said it is only “Lifetime” if they continue to support “that format”. Of course it is upgraded intentionally with the expectation that you will buy a new copy. My activation code would no longer work, and they refused to work with me. I could only use the copy that was installed on my phone, but I wanted to use the copy on my pc/laptop.


Deal breaker for me.

Happy Wootiversary anyway!!! :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:

I tried this once and came away confused. Maybe your mind has to be wired in a particular way in order to succeed with this, but I was lost. It would show a picture of, for example, a woman in a hat, sitting on a bench, reading a book. And some word would come up in the chosen language. You have no clue what item in the picture the word is attached to, so you just kind of stare blankly. A live teacher or other program would point out the object that is the subject of the question, but not here. You’re essentially guessing at everything. It is nice when you guess correctly, but not fulfilling because it was luck. Conversely, being told that you got it “wrong” because you guessed wrong seems weird. They’ve sold a lot of this over the years, so maybe my brain is just not wired for their methods.

The pace is very slow and while learning of any kind should not be rushed, it feels as though you have to spend a tremendous amount of time to come away with a handful of words each time, whereas something like duolingo and many other online methods of language learning have you feeling as though you’re making progress rather quickly without the rush factor.

this one allows you to learn as many languages as you want - it is also a lifetime subscription.

Thanks for the comments :point_up_2:, definite pass for me.

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Babbel deal on the other hand gives you a real lifetime opportunity, rather a 1200 month subscription.

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