Rosetta Stone: (Your Choice: Language)

Some complaints on Amazon’s site - are you buying only a time limited access?

Only a couple items are time limited:

• Access for up to 5 family members
• Download activation key included
• Learn at your own pace with our course that never expires
• Proprietary speech-recognition technology compares your voice to a native speaker 100 times per second
• Access to award winning mobile app for 3-months - available on Kindle Fire HD, iOS, and Android
• Live online tutoring sessions with a Native Speaker - 3-month trial included

Thank you for the information!

Bought this and it comes with CDs. You have to install the program so you have to have a CD reader on your computer. My surface does not have one. Downloaded the app. It does not give you unlimited access. You can get the app with lifetime access for $199. For me, this would have been the better option. I think they are moving toward the mobil app and have a lot of these CD systems in the warehouse. I like the app better (what I could access on the app). The app lets you do a couple of very simple lesson, then they want payment.