Rowenta Intense Pure Air HEPA Air Purifier

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Rowenta Intense Pure Air HEPA Air Purifier
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Mar 28 to Wednesday, Mar 29) + transit
Condition: New


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1/2/2016 - $159.99 - Click To See Discussion (13 comments)

The reviews on Amazon are funny after you figure out they’re for an iron. Amazon really needs to fix the product page.

I just bought a Honeywell HPA300 which was highly recommended by a friend. I wanted two, but wanted to wait to see how well this did in my bedroom. At this price for the Rowenta, it covers more than the Honeywell, which may be even better. I’m in for one and hoping I have no issues with it being refurbished.

Checked it out on Amazon. After figuring out how to filter the comments for “Style:Air Purifier”, I found this recent gem which is making me decide to not get this (for the TLDR crowd, the poster says customer support told them Rowenta is no longer making air purifiers, so no warranty support). Rowenta USA doesn’t even list this model.

Thanks for posting. That is enough to turn me off of the purchase, especially since it seems as though they’re not going to support the model or make any more filters for it. I don’t want to drop a grand on filters to last me through the years.

I think I’ll wait for my Honeywell to be delivered tomorrow and then likely just order a second. I know people who have the same model and they’re very happy.

Out of the 13 reviews for this, 1 was actually a 5-star review that was labeled for the Air Purifier but was for a Dehumidifier? The 1-3 word reviews eliminated and this get about a 2 of 5.

You also need to replace all 3 filters each year @ ~$116.
Replacement filters: Active Carbon filter XD6066 ($26) - HEPA filter XD6076 ($30) - NanoCaptur filter XD6086 ($60)


This product is all about the filters.

Thank you, certainly won’t buy a product that doesn’t come with a warranty!

I bought one of these last time around and it arrived DOA. Never could get Rowenta to send me another. They wanted me to pay for shipping for repair. Woot took it back. It looked fabulous and the build was solid. Meh, just didn’t work…

For 400 (original price) you’d think it’d be more than just a filter. You’d expect UV and even static. $400 for the base and THEN having to use 3x filters a year for $120? Nuts.


Hey all! We contacted the vendor on the warranty issue.

Here’s their response:

“Yes, we are still supporting this product and it is an ongoing item. Please use 1-800-ROWENTA for support issues.”

You can see that Rowentastill carries Air Purifiers.