Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Carpet Cleaner

Does this thing heat the water/solution mixture, or do you have to heat it before you put it in? I’ve rented Rug Doctors before, and had to boil water before I added it and the solution to the machine. Because of the size of the tank, I was constantly boiling water, which got tedious. It would be nice if all I had to do was add water. Might actually spring for one.

Check out these comments from when this was offered in April

I’d probably avoid. I bought it on a previous woot and the pump died after only a handful of uses. I’m pretty handy so I was able to install the new pump (~$50) myself. Otherwise, the repair would have cost almost half what I paid, which IIRC was 300 but before woot started collecting tax so probably works out to be close to the same. I think Costco sells them new for about $350 but it comes with the handheld attachment which I think runs about 80 bucks.

It does NOT heat water. You really dont have to boil, just hot tap water does the trick.

I bought one of these after my kid threw-up a mixture of pickles, fish and cheesecake. I had scrubbed, then used a wet vac, used different chemicals, was ready to tear out the carpet, then I rented one at Walmart as a last ditch effort. It look a few rounds, but I was finally able to get the smell out. These are great for spot cleaning, or doing a room here & there- but doing a whole hose could get tiring. They work way better than the upright carpet cleaners. The new ones have a 10 year warranty, this one is 5 years which isn’t bad for a refurb. If you could get this at Costco- it would be worth the extra money for the attachments, and the fact you could return it there anytime if there’s an issue.

It runs $399.99 + 19.99 Shipping at Costco. It comes with just -

•Upholstery and stair tool
•1 96 oz. of Oxy-Steam Carpet Cleaner solution
•1 24 oz. Urine Eliminator solution

Does this one offered on Woot come with an upholstery attachment?

[MOD: No, it does not.]

It has a 5 year warranty. Did you contact Rug Doctor?

Anyone know the difference between this unit (Mighty Pro X3) and the Mighty Pro #95474 that Woot was selling NEW for $299 during the summer?

Bought one offered in January of this year (was the x3)

While it takes some getting used to, it does do a great job. The agitator alone is better than anything on the market. I simply use hot water, no chemicals.

While I agree these do a fairly decent job of cleaning your carpet, I am able to rent one of these for 24 hours for about $25… So it makes it a little hard to justify the cost. Especially when you consider the fact that if your rental breaks, you take it back and get another one at no cost to you.

If you are ok scrubbing your own floors with other people’s urine and pets stains, more power to you. For us, it was a no brainer to get our own and not worry about the disgusting previous renter.

…said in response to a sale on refurbished units.

To be fair though, I suppose you did say “no brainer”.

Thanks. Good to know. The rentals don’t require boiling either, but I found that the solution got cold quickly if I didn’t boil it.

As mentioned every time this comes up, this is a good ‘deal’, but in terms of ‘value’ the ones at Costco & Sam’s come with more stuff, are clean, and have a super generous in-store warranty/return policy.

I got mine at costco. It works great and I use it every couple months to clean cat barf, spilled cocktails, and shoe filth. it has paid for itself multiple times already.

Hot water out of the house water heater is easily hot enough to clean with.

Talk about no brains…there’s a world of difference between a unit factory-refurbished — which includes cleaning it to like-new status — and renting a unit that was used to clean up who-knows-what, then is returned…where it sits, uncleaned, until the next person rents it.

i rented one out,smelled like poo

I bought one of these in a previous Woot! offering. I really like it and I think that it does a good job. I have used it a handful of times in the past year with no problems to report. I am happy with my purchase.

Note: Do keep in mind that the specs about capacity, as listed here and on the manufacturer’s website, are very, very inaccurate. The stated capacity of the solution tank is 3 gallons. The actual capacity is only 2 gallons, and you’ll need to overfill it just to get there. The stated capacity of the recovery tank is 3.9 gallons. The actual capacity is a little over 3 gallons.

This isn’t such a huge deal once you accept it and get used to stopping frequently while cleaning a large area. However, I find it misleading and stupid because they advertise that the larger recovery tank “means less refilling and emptying”. But since the recovery tank is on top of the fill location for the solution tank, you have to remove it every time you fill up anyway. So even if it was as big as they state, it would still be a nuisance.

Those are my 2-cents. Hope that helps anyone else considering purchasing this product. Overall, I like it despite its need for frequent fill-ups.

Well if that’s your experience with rentals, you’re renting from the wrong place. We rent ours from our locally owned and managed hardware store where they meticulously clean each returned rental, every time. I’ve never detected any off odors, found pet hair, carpet fibers, or general gunk. We do this 2-3 times a year at about $30 a pop, so we’d likely come out ahead buying, but since we don’t need one more giant thing taking up space in our tiny closets, local hardware store rental it is.