Rulez of the Gamez

As old games progress and new wooters participate, I thought it might be nice to have a thread where all the rules are posted for easy reference. I know I recently learned something about One Word I never realized (or forgot).

So if you currently “own” a game here in EBW, please reestablish the “rules of the road” to help minimize confusion.

If you start a new game, please post the rules here.

appreciate this.
I was OK with the ones where the rules were posted in the first thread, but when games continue from long dead threads, the rules are lost. (A bit of deductive reasoning helps decipher them after a while, though)

One Word & Two Word

Whatever pops into your mind. And, yeah, I think you forgot, AZ. You and I used to do long strings of words that started with “dis” or ended in “ate,” things like that. Didn’t have anything to do with the previous word. Or, conversely, it can have something to do with it. There should be some relationship, like sounds something like it, begins or ends the same, or leads to something. Example, KT once posted “out.” I then posted “spot.” The relationship - “Out, out damned spot.” Any questions?

Google Images - not mine originally but I’ll post the rules as I understand them.

Someone posts an image and from that images comes up with a related word.

You put that word into the Google Images page and pick an interesting image from the results and post it. You then pick a word related to that image for the next person.

And so on and so on and so on.

Banana Boat - another game not originally mine, but since I’ve been reposting it I’ll add the rules here.

Post a two word phrase where the first word of the new phrase is the last word of the previous two word phrase. Your phrase needs to make sense without the use of additional words or the previous phrase (all phrases are independent just sharing the one word). If you are really really stuck you can alter the tense or endings of the word you are given, but please try to use the word as it appears.

but, but, but - bottom line, you have to think! When tired, I have blown up some games for sure. Now I don’t play with the matches so much.