SafeRacks 4x4 Garage Storage Rack

SafeRacks 4x4 Garage Storage Rack

These are among the best deals on Woot these days. I’ve bought 3 from here in the past. I have 2 installed and one more that I’m waiting to put up. Easily $50 more at Home Depot for the exact same thing.

These are a great product, but better prices can be found direct on their website in the factory seconds category. Currently they do not have any 4x4 size, only a 4x8. I’m supposing woot bought all of the 4x4 to resell. SafeRacks Garage Storage Solutions - Overhead Storage and More!


We are not selling factory seconds. These are NEW.

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Thanks for the post and link! I think I’ll get the 4’ x 8’ rack.

Enjoy your rusty, factory seconds rack.

I’ve bought their factory seconds three separate times. There was never once any rust.

Ok. That site says there could be. I guess you’re a lucky gambler.

tip: choose the 24"-45" option as long as you have at least 24" clearance. I buy that one and keep the extra pieces for side projects.

I guess even if there was some small surface rust, that wouldn’t bother me. I’m not afraid of a bit of light sanding and spray painting to save money. They wouldn’t sell anything that had enough rust to structurally compromise it.

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