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SafeRacks - Your Choice
Price: $189.99
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2/27/2015 - $189.99 - Click To See Discussion (25 comments)

Time to learn all about SafeRacks and learn all about rack installation

$125 at Home Depot :wink: choice of white or black.

[MOD EDIT: URL Embedded, Home Depot offer is not the same brand name and only for one size]

$200 at Costco, but you can get the 4’ x 4’ racks there for $50…

$99 on the MFG website as it’s a closeout/scratch sale. Being in a garage it would not bother me.

I wonder where the garage door is going in picture 2

The problem with these is that the blood tends to drip down and a finger or small foot can come through the gaps ruining the clean look of your garage. Make sure and use a couple of good strong contractor bags before putting anything up there.

Seriously, these are good racks, but after going to the type that allow you to raise and lower them with a crank/drill…I’ll not go back to having to carry stuff up a ladder.

I have 4 of these in my garage and love them!

They hold a great deal of weight but make certain you follow the directions closely when you install them.

If you are installing into a ceiling, which I did, that has dry wall make certain you have a great stud finder… which I do … I can’t tell you how nice it is to get all that space back in your garage.

Perfect Reviews over at Wayfair

I have two and love them. Make sure you have a good stud finder when planning the installation.

If you are willing to wait Costco seems to regularly have these on sale for $149.

Do people really have track lights in their garage?

Ha ha… that was awesome!

I’ve been looking for something like this since we bought our new house about 3 years ago.

I’ve seen these and other similar items show up from time to time. I really like how they look, the simplicity of installation, and the weight capacity is great… but I just can’t get past the price.

I’ve looked into building some similar shelving with wood, and the cost is so much less that I can’t bring myself to buy these. All the wood (2x4s & 3/4"x4’x8’ particle board) as well as 6 feet of angle iron (for the ceiling connection) plus misc screws and bolts would be less than $60 (prices from the HD site).

Also, I really doubt that all my holiday decorations and snowboarding gear really weighs anywhere near 600 lbs. Maybe if you throw in all the camping gear as well, but that lives in the basement storage closet already.

I guess this really isn’t much of a comment about the product… but just some random thoughts.

Anyway, these really do tempt me every time I see them though but, why can’t someone produce something similar, even with a lower weight limit, for down around $80-$100? It certainly seems like that should be possible.

Thanks for the pointer! Already ordered - plus free shipping!!

Scratch and dent is really a great way to go. As for the cheaper hd variant, I think a having longer ceiling mount bars means being able to spread the weight across 4+ beams instead of 2 beams, which seems like an advantage for this one for me. That being said, you can get plenty of c-channel for the price difference.

Anyone know the full mounted height of the 12" racks? The space above my garage door is only 15" when open. It doesn’t say if the 12-21" adjustable ones are 12-21" overall or if that’s the distance between the ceiling and the deck surface. Thanks.