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Anybody have an opinion or comparison of SafeRacks versus the Home Depot NewAge Versarac? Can’t seem to find any good comparison online.

Ironic timing. I got around to installing one of the 4x4 units that I bought a few months ago from Woot, but still needed a 4x8. Since Home Depot was having a Presidents Day sale this past weekend, I ordered a NewAge VersaRac 4x8 for about $140 shipped. Now this deal pops up.

Since the price is nearly the same, which should I go with? I already have two 4x4 SafeRacks but they’re not installed in a way that I can use the same mounting bracket for more than one shelf unit. The 4x8 will likely hold some fairly heavy stuff.

I bought a couple of 4’x8’ units last time and they are great - very sturdy.

Installation is a bit tedious, primarily because you have to be careful to hit the center of the joists with the fasteners…3/8" drywall isn’t going to make it as a support.

The supplemental hooks are expensive. I use looped bungee cords to hang leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and the like. No problems so far.

Does anyone have experience with the scratch and dent from Saferacks? I’m just wondering if it is small issues or large areas without the powder coat.

Have some of these I bought from Costco.
They’ll go on sale from time to time - that’s when I had bought them

[](Costco Safe Racks)

Very sturdy and hold a lot. Adjustable drop. Like someone mentioned you have to drill into the center of a truss.


We bought ours from Costco last month as well, when they were on coupon. Not as cheap as here, but they were new. I was shocked at how much ‘stuff’ they held, but even more shocked at how much ‘stuff’ was still in the garage. We need another set, just afraid of ‘scratch & dent’ They are very well made. The good thing is how big the mounting base is, to distribute weight, unlike other brands where the mounting bracket is only 3"-4" across and would pull out easier

I posted this when these were being sold on February 3rd…

I think these pre-fabbed kits are great, but you can get more space by building one on your own.

I framed a 4x8 “floor” out of 2x4 and slapped a piece of strand board on top of it. I then leveled and lagged two 2x4s into the wall. I then lifted and placed the “floor” onto the 2x4s and lagged it into the wall. Then hooked a chain from the front corner to the ceiling.

Entire project took me maybe an hour to an hour and a half and cost maybe $60

An added benefit is that you are not restricted on how close it is to the ceiling.

That works well if you don’t already have shelving on your walls. However, these can hang out over the middle of your garage. Assuming you have rafters spec’d to take the additional weight, of course.

I purchased two from Saferacks for about $100 each, and there was not one noticeable thing wrong with them.

Not a bad deal but saferacks has done better. They were $99 last Nov/Dec, scatch/dent, with free shipping, for the 4x8’s.

Hey, thanks for spotting that! We have confirmed this with our vendor, and that rule only applies to people reselling it on ebay etc. Since we are a verified seller, the warranty is still valid when buying from Woot. So buy with confidence!

I just installed 2 4x8 racks this past weekend and am very impressed with the quality of these racks. As has been mentioned, you need to make sure the lag bolts are centered on the joists, and measuring distances between supports when you are 12’ high can be a bit challenging. I took my time and it probably took me 3-4 hours total for both racks. I also ordered from Costco, and included in the package was a ‘coupon’ for a professional to install (if available in your area and bought from an independent dealer, etc…) for something like $125 per rack. I don’t know if the scratch and dent versions would have that coupon or how strict they are about honoring the terms, as it was an 800 number, but may be worth looking in to for those who don’t wish to get up on the ladders. My deluxe kit with two racks and hooks was over $300 so I think these are priced pretty well.

I purchased a scratch and dent 4x8 from Saferacks last year. Couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Looks great and works perfectly. I installed by myself in a few hours. Found it easier to set up 2 stepladders and just go back/forth vs moving one all over the place. I also threaded some old ski rope thru the holes about 1’ up on 3 sides to keep bins etc from sliding off.