Safety LED 4 Foot Leash

Safety LED 4 Foot Leash

Hi. I’d like to find out if this LED leash does in fact have an on/off switch or button, if so how does it operate? There was NO mention in info & it only listed that the battery life was approximately 72 hours. I understand it’s battery replaceable, but I want to verify that once you activate lead it can in fact be turned off, otherwise I’d have to keep replacing the battery every time I’d use the lead😵‍💫… Thxs .

Third bullet in the list:

  • LED light has on/off switch

That was added yesterday after they asked the question. :slight_smile:

The buyer just didn’t email me about the answer. :angry:


I bought these from a different vendor and just want to point out, a 4 foot leash is not that long; especially if you are a tall person and have a short dog. I personally prefer a 6 foot leash.

I was very disappointed with this. the picture shows a leash that lights up along the whole length, but the reality is that only the first foot actually lights up. False advertising.

I’m sorry. I do see the incorrect photo there. I’ll bring it up to the team.

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