Samson Meteor Mic - USB Studio Microphone

Great reviews from Amazon:

Also $61.69 with free shipping.

Is this model the shiny mirror/chrome finish or the mat grey snowy/fuzzy finish or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

According to the title, it’s Brushed Nickel. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was confused because the youtube video and the photos in the specs tab clearly shows a mirrored chrome microphone. Do you happen to know, Is it a plastic or metal case?

Confirmed that it’s metal. Also, if you go to Amazon’s reviews and search “plastic” or “metal”, you’ll see people talking about it being metal.

I’m not sure “studio” is really correct. Probably OK for a lot things, but something like a Blue Yeti works better for broadcast and higher end audio recording. I prefer the input volume control on the front of the Yeti. Using software to adjust audio levels is a pain.

The knob on the Meteor adjusts the headphone volume according to the specs.

And some not so great. Especially from the users who had them for a few months.

I’d go with a Blue SnowBall @ the same price point.

I also have one of these and prefer the Blue Yeti. But the Snowball is not bad. It’s funny how certain mics “like” one kind of voice and not another.

$49.77 + $1.49 shipping

and for the price it’s just as nice as the basic yeti ! :slight_smile:

best price on a yeti pro $230