Samsung 200W 4.1 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar w/Wireless Sub

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Samsung 200W 4.1 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar w/Wireless Sub
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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The “features” tab says to add the wireless module. BUT, the “Specs” tab has the wireless module included in the listing under Speakers and Weight and Dimensions. *SWA-8000S Kit included". Which is it?

I’ve had one for a couple of months. Sound is fine. My biggest complaint is the delay from various inputs. Seeing video with a long delay for the sound was unacceptable (the delay setting on the sound bar starts at 0 and goes up, so that only made it worse.)
The acceptable solution for me was to use the optical digital sound output from my DVR into the sound bar (‘D in’ on the sound bar.)

Also, bluetooth works great with Echo Dot.

$99 is a great price.

Ditto on comments about # of speakers…Dimensions and pictures list 1 sub with 2 rear, "whats in the box shows sound bar an 1 sub. What did I order, it may change thinking on purchase

The specs seem to imply no soundbar, and the rear speakers come with the wireless kit. The picture shows a sound bar, and it’s advertised as a 4.1 system. Is there a soundbar, and is the wireless kit included for the rear speakers?

Also the specs show under audio processing that both dolby digital and DTS are both 2 channel. Is this true? If so, whats the point of having a 4.1 system?

Hello! Sorry the wording wasn’t clear. The surround sound kit IS included with the soundbar and wireless sub, meaning that you’ll get the soundbar, wireless sub, speaker module, and two smaller surround sound speakers with your order.

the worst reviews on amazon all seem to point to it being purchased from woot!. Sounds like some pretty poor experiences. too bad, looked like a good deal.

I feel like all the bad reviews are due to people think it’s wireless, but most of the items have cords. Samsung makes good quality items, I think this is a good deal. Just ordered one. Thanks Woot!

Is this supposed to come with any cables (i.e. power for the sub, the soundbar or the Wireless hub)? Mine did not…

Any ideas where to order? Woot is out of any service parts

Just received mine, the rear wireless speakers do not work seems to be a big problem with a third of customers

Just got mine yesterday, and the soundbar isn’t accepting commands from the remote. The remote tested OK by pointing it at my cellphones video camera and seeing the IR blinking as I pressed the buttons.
Otherwise everything else functioned on the soundbar, even the surround speakers. Tested it watching Avenger’s Infinity War… The sound wasn’t WOW! impressive, but definitely an improvement over the TV’s built-in speakers. Well worth the $100 (max) asking price -if it all works.