Samsung A7 Tablet 10.4" WiFi 64GB - Gray

Samsung A7 Tablet 10.4" WiFi 64GB - Gray

Except really OS. Why isn’t the 12.2 Pro the flagship? 2014 specs in 2021.

Does charger come with it? And who refurbished it?

I don’t understand. This listing has no specifications listed but when I Google the model number I come up with the brand new tablet for $154.99 on the Samsung website today. (64gb)

The model number is so long I could be having a dyslexic moment and not actually zeroing on the right item but I still don’t know why I wouldn’t want to buy the a one on the Samsung website?

The $154 price tag is for the A7 with a trade in tablet. This model has sold only at Sam’s Club. I just recently bought this one off Woot two weeks ago. It’s fantastic. I added a 256 gig card. I just yesterday updated to the New 11 operating system that just came out.

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A trade-in is not required from Samsung site unless you want their financing deal.

A trade-in, however, IS required for the $154 price.

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Dear woot staff,

Is it so hard to list the item specs!?
Seriously, I have to hunt around just to get actual specs on these tablets. It’s as if you aren’t even trying to sell them.

Hello. Charger is included. The work is done by Samsung or a party they designate to do the work to their specifications.