Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand - 2pk

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Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand - 2pk
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I am so not down with samsung wireless charging. The problem is, you drop the phone on the charging pad, you get the blue ring and the tone indicating charging.
but 10 to 20% of the time the charge does not complete, so you wake up in the morning with a dead phone and then have to piecemeal a charge together over the next few hours…too frustrating to make it worthwhile.

Thanks for this! I had an older “slow” wireless charger and had the same issues but thought maybe a “fast” charger would be better! Glad to hear it’s not just me and will be passing on the wireless charging.

I have the flat one for my S5, I bought this since I have never had the issues you describe in over three years of use. I now have an S8 so I am looking forward to the 2 pack, one for home, one for office, although battery life has been great so far

Works great! Fast charging for all of my Samsung devices! For those of you saying they are slow charging, I would make sure your phone is actually over the battery. It charges my phone from complete dead to 90% in 45 mins. That is fast!

I have an S8, used it on a note 5, s7, and s7 active. All of these gave me the same results!

Though, one comment. sells them for 49.99 Each. So I do not know where they get the list price from, that being said, this is still a good deal. Buy one, get one for $5.