Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand - 2pk

Will it works with S8 or Note8?

I had the same question on the S8, but it doesn’t matter - this item was sold out at 7 AM on the east coast. Items sell out before easterners receive the Woot e mail. What’s that all about Woot?

[MOD: Not sold out]

Yes. I have this for my Note8 and it’s a very convenient, fast, charge.

Well, woot has always favored the left coast with its business model. You adapt or don’t.

But the product is not sold out. At least, not for me. I’m in New York.
We should be seeing the same web page.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks. It must have been a glitch - I reordered and it went through.

Hey all, does anyone know if this compatible with the iPhone X? Thanks!

I put my X on one and it charges. But I don’t think it supports fast charging for the X (7.5 watt). I think it only suppports 5 watt.

How long are the cables? Is this MicoUSB?

Will this charge with a case on the phone? I have a Tech21 case on my Note 8, and it does not charge in my Prius QI space while in the case.

With iOS 11.2, fast charging (7.5) is now available with iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus.

Do these work with a phone in landscape? I assume it depends on the phone and it’s internal wireless charging coil location…

I bought this 2 pack from Amazon when it was on sale for the same price. Works great on my LG G6, though not fast charge as the LG doesn’t support that wirelessly. Definitely worth it!

Is there any reason why this wouldn’t fast charge an iPhone X running iOS 11.2?

I use it for my S8 Active that has a supcase. It works both portrait and landscape.

These thing dont work very well. VERY slow to charge.

Just a FYI, I have a popsocket on my case and it would not stay on the charging stand.

If this is the exact same model sold on the Samsung store’s website, the cable in indeed microUSB, and the cord is approximately 4-5’ in length.

I bought one several months ago (from the Samsung store) and love it. I use this to charge my S8 and the wife’s S8+ and it works like a charm. Very quick charger, too if you phone supports wireless quick charging.

***edited to add: yes, this is the same one from’s website, and I can confirm they will indeed work for the S8 and S8+. Unsure of the Note series as I do no own one, but it should work. In order for your phone to “fast charge” it must be Qi-compatable.

See this link from samsung for additional information:

Price is $38.61 on Samsung’s website for one, so this is a good deal.

Works great for us - really fast. The only thing that sometimes slows it down (in our experience, of course) is using the phone while charging or having a thick case on the phone.