Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds (International Model)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds (International Model)

This is a good price. Do us customers get any warranty?

It’s cheaper because it’s the international version and only comes with a 90-day warranty directly from Woot.

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They made sure everyone could see that now.

so…this is the international model…how does that differ from “other” models?

Only substantive difference is that these units do NOT come with a 1 Year Samsung warranty. These units ONLY come with our 90 Day Woot Warranty. Other than that, the product itself is identical to what you’d buy in a US store and the packaging might have an additional localized sticker on it.

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One thing to note is that if you have an issue and need service, the repair can be more than the cost of the original item. I bought the Galaxy Buds Live before it was clear that they were international. The buds were ~$100, and the repair was $160. I can buy another new US pair for less than the repair.
Unless you want to have something that cannot be repaired, or are not in the US, I suggest not buying these.

BTW, I have 3 pair of Galaxy Buds Live (red, blue, black) and 1 pair of Pro (black). These are the best earbuds I have ever used. I use them all day for web meetings via my PC. without my ears getting annoyed or having ear pain.

One last thing, you can buy the US version new from Samsung for $139 with the trade in of a wired headset (any). For $20, you can have the full US warranty.

Is the warranty valid somewhere in the world?

The Woot! warranty is valid in the 48 contiguous United States! :smiley:

I meant the non US warranty… Could I get full warranty service for a year if I took them to London or Taipei or Sydney?

There’s no way for us to know. Sorry.

Any wired headset? Wow. You can buy them for 99 cents at dollar store!

There is actually a lot of good competition these days in the budget space. You can get decent ANC for $50-80 these days. But Samsung buds seem to be good products, pretty modest in size etc … unlike the Sony’s, 1more which are huge

Really good deal even you don’t have the Samsung Warranty. I got them for $160 at Costco and don’t regret it. Best earbuds I’ve ever used. One thing to note is that ANC doesn’t do well with wind noise. I tried biking with these and it was pretty bad.

(Other than the guy I responded to who asked the question in the first place…)