Samsung Galaxy Note8 (S&D)(GSM Only)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 (S&D)(GSM Only)

This Samsung Note 8 works in 4G or LTE networks? If yes… What frequencies it has?

Where did these note 8s get refurbished at ? (Factory Samsung? Or 3rd party?)

These are third party refurbished from a company we use exclusively.

I just wanted to verify, they have no scratches or dents or cracks? and the cameras are in good shape?

Hey there, these are scratch and dent phones. Per the features: These units have been restored to full working order. They may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the body of the unit and surface scratches on the screen. This will not impair use of the device. The camera will work and if it does not, the phone will not be available to be sold.

Awesome thank you nd last queztion its unlocked able to be put on kricket wireless network?

Hello! What format is the IMEI number? My carrier supports GSM, but some IMEI numbers won’t work. They just need to know whether it’s the 15 digit or 16. Would you be able to help? Many thanks!


Are the batteries new on these phones? If not, what’s the minimum capacity percentage?

Is the water resistant rating still valid?

Yeah great question, my guess is probably still water resistant but not as much as it was originally (please note I’m not the seller ) but I too want to know the answer.

Hey there, these are IP68 water resistant and the batteries might not be new, however, they are tested to fully work. If we come across a battery that is not up to our high standards, we will replace it.

The specs on Woot cover both regional models, so it’s not clear if this is dual-SIM or not. Is it?

will this phone work if my carrier is T- moblie?

Yes, T-Mobile is a GSM network.

Hello. It is single sim.