Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB VZN/GSM(S&D)

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Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB VZN/GSM(S&D)
Price: $189.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Woot, what can you tell us about the battery on these refurb units? Any guarantee? How much life will they have?

I bought this phone, also refurb, in a previous Woot six months back or so. It is a really good, former flagship Android phone. So that’s good. But mine was very well-used and worn on the outside. And the battery life was awful and has gotten worse. I should have returned it right away.

I bought one while back and use it with T-Mobile. There are some issues.
The major is that T-Mobile is using multiple frequencies. That phone support some of them and doesn’t support others. As a result, it works well in major metro areas, but has very bad connection in remote one in comparison with a native T-Mobile phone. You can use:✓&q[full_name_cont]=SM-G930V&q[device_brand_id_eq]=&commit=Search to see the compatibility.

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Even tho “unlocked”, these and most Woot phones were originally designed for Verizon, which contains untold conflict issues when one uses it on a GSM network.

The mothership offers a similar version from Verizon, but “certified refurbished” at $229.99. “A Certified Refurbished product has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal to no signs of wear, by a manufacturer or specialized third-party seller approved by Amazon. All products are backed by a minimum 90-day warranty.” Yes, it is more expensive. But I wonder if this is a safer deal?


‘Verified Clean ESN for use on the Verizon network’. Does that mean that these would only work on the Verizon network and are not unlocked?

Clean ESN just means that you are not getting a cloned phone, that it hasn’t been registered/activated on a network already.
And it does seem like the link is for a Verizon locked phone.

My understanding is a “clean ESN” means it wasn’t reported stolen and black listed by the carrier. At least thats what it was with Sprint. If a phone is reported stolen, the carrier will black list it so it can’t be activated. It remains “attached” to the owners account and only the OWNER of said phone can have it removed from that list. So, it becomes a cool paper weight. I’ve had to do that once to one of my kids blackberry’s many years ago. And that’s what/how it was explained to me.

I bought this exact phone a month ago (for $5 cheaper…):

So far it has worked really great. Battery life is not fantastic but very workable if you aren’t trying to use it like a brand new phone (e.g., 6 hours screen-on time a day).

The phone I got was in pristine condition, in fact I could find no cosmetic flaws.

For those of you who say the battery life is not good on this phone that you’ve gotten, can one just go buy another battery for it? I hear you can do that on Samsung phones. If so, do you know how much a new battery costs?

Samsung started making their phones without a removable battery. this model does not have a removable battery.

Battery is NOT replaceable.

Is this phone compatible with Virgin Mobile?

Thanks very much!

I appreciate you taking the time to post this, I’ll definitely look elsewhere for a better quality and cosmetically nicer phone

Virgin uses the Sprint Network so it will not.

It’s my understanding that all Verizon branded postpaid contract phones made within the last couple of years are already GSM unlocked. It was the result of one of their frequency buys a few years ago. The FCC only approved the sale after Verizon agreed to not “Network Lock” their contract phones moving forward. If I am wrong someone please correct me. There is a big difference though between being network locked and fully networked compatible especially with the new bands that TMobile started rolling out. Not only that but most of the enhanced network capabilities like VoLTE and VoIP aren’t going to work if you aren’t using a phone branded for your carrier.

That’s not exactly true. I brought my S7 into Ubreakifix, and they replaced the battery. Good as new.