Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB VZN/GSM

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Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB VZN/GSM
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Mar 05 to Thursday, Mar 08) + transit
Condition: Certified Refurbished


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Only a $9 discount compared to Amazon

only 25 per customer… come on I was going to buy 26!

oohh btw… today at a mall the guy asked $230 just to replace my cracked screen on my S7. FYI

What grade is the refurb?
i.e. Is there screen burn, cosmetics replaced, scratches, etc.

Was the battery replaced?

Might not be compatible with TMOB 4g?

That’s high. I can buy the whole phone used at local shops $200.

S8 from Cricket can be had and unlocked for around $400 new.
I can always beat the phone prices locally for used conpared to Woot. Use Swappa when I buy online. Know exactly what I’m getting.

For those that have a Samsung for less than a year with screen burn - a tip. Reach out to Samsung and they will replace the screen for free (1 YEAR WARRANTY)…and while at it, they will typically switch out the battery. Did this last month. BOOM - new phone!

Yup. My s7e got that green line bug down the right side. 1 pixel wide. Then the screen started to washout. 11.25 months old. Sent it to Samsung, new screen, new battery. They paid shipping both ways.

Do not buy this for T-Mobile! No wifi calling and limited 3g and 4g.

Yet they limit you to only three cabinet hinges. sigh

Good price for a certified refurbished with a real button on the front and an audio jack too! Samsung’s hardware is hard to beat. Just wish they’d make a pure Android version, rather than their half-baked software setup.

Not unless it’s the “special edition”. I went through this with my Sprint S7. GSM was fine but it does not operate on all LTE bands so chances care, it won’t work in your area on LTE at all. It will show up on the top task bar but when you try to use it to stream or surf, it will drop to GSM. I closed the book and just went and got a referb’d 935T which is for TMO. Sprint tried to unlock all bands but it didn’t matter, 10 people later, took an “experienced” tech to say if it was a “special edition” samsung, it would work on ALL BAND. There was a suggestion to flash it with a customer T-Mobile ROM but there is always a chance to brick it. I chose to shelve the dang phone instead. Kids still use sprint, 2 of them have S7’s (mines the edge) so it’s a spare if anything LOL.

Don’t get this. Get the SM-G930W8 model which has an unlocked bootloader, then you’re free to flash whatever firmware you want on it and can keep it updated long after the carrier or Samsung abandon you.

Not even that much difference after adding in the $5 shipping charge from Woot.

What is the condition of the battery in this refurbished smartphone? Was a new battery installed too?

Woot honors Free Shipping for Prime Members now. Definitely makes some of the deals more palatable for me.

Would this phone work with sprint?

This will not work with Sprint.